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Training Course Wares

Occupational Health & Safety Training Courses The list of courses available includes 10 of the most frequently required training offerings.

Have your staff trained to federal or provincial certification level right in your own premises. Alternatively, anywhere a trainee has access to Internet Services. Follow the links below to get course description and details.

Commissioning Services

Commissioning and re-commissioning of BAS Integrated Systems (validating the performance of the BAS and building)

Commissioning is the process of validating the installation and performance of installed systems. This is usually conducted at the completion of a project to recommend owners acceptance of the work, before the start of warranties.


The process may also be performed at any time latter in the life of a building/system to validate the continued performance level from design intent and efficiency of building's systems under existing or new conditions or requirements created by the dynamics of the areas (space) served. This activity is referred to as re-commissioning.

On-going Commissioning

Where the dynamics of building being serviced are in a higher state of flux, commissioning can be executed on an ongoing basis where many of the parameters examined during commissioning are monitored and collected on an on-going basis so performance can be determined at any given time and tweaking of logic or improved sensing may bring systems back to peak design performance.

Key Benefits

  • Commissioning: Validation of installation to meet project requirements.
  • Re-Commissioning: Verifying performance is being maintained as expressed in project design intent or as modified to meet new building requirements
  • On-going Commissioning: Validates system performance on on-going basis as opposed to spot checking as in re-commissioning initiatives. Integrating the commissioning with BAS operation is often only a matter of reporting existing conditions on a regular basis when parameter are already in the database.

Specification Development

Specification Preparation for BAS Integrated System installations.

Having comprehensive and precise specifications is the key to successful contracting. Using unbiased terminology and performance based requirements allow contractors to meet design intent while utilizing an Open Bidding process to ensure competitive bids. This allows Owner acceptance to be straight forward while keeping all parties committed to performance and a successful performance at conclusion of project. Turn over to operational staff can then be executed without complications or delays. Integrating and not duplicating is Smart Business for today's marketplace. Balancing the mix of performance and functionality is key to successful specification development.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Division 25000 Specifications with supporting coordination with other sections.
  • Specialized Control sequences for your site.
  • Unbiased performance based specifications using national standard format

Keywords: Occupational Health , Safety Training, Safety Training Courses, training courses

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