By: Axesys  09-12-2011
Keywords: Electronics, Printed Circuit Board

aXesYs can provide a large variety of Design Services at various levels of support, each project tailored to different customer needs..

“ We can leverage accurate & quality developments from our existing reference design portfolio…”

Hardware Design
Over 75 years of combined service in electronic circuit design & component selection. We manage quality designs through a disciplined design process:

Test & Verification reviews,
Product documentation;(Design & Test Reports),
Manufacturing support through AGILE,
Test & Calibration support,
Full CAD simulations,
Full FPGA & ASIC development support,
Full Standards support;(IPC/MIL/TELCORDIA/ETSI/ANSI),
Sustaining & Life-Cycle management,
Product Field Support,

"Full design characterization over all operating & environmental conditions.."

Printed Circuit Board Design
Over 75 years of combined service in the telecommunications, military & scientific industry in analogue, high-speed digital, RF & microwave.  Layout development coupled with Constraint Manager expedites design process by automating the constraints of high-speed design requirements from Card Designers:

Mechanical Design
Over 50 years of combined design experience in the industry:

"We insure all design & quality intents are maintained by contract manufacturers.."

Thermal Design
Our team specializes in electronics & optical packaging.  Over 15 years experience in vigorous thermal modeling, packaging & design in the telecommunications, optical, military industry.  Component, sub-system & system level analysis available.

"Our professional team is accredited by the ASME and IEEE electronic packaging community through their participation at sessions, articles and panels.."

Product Integrity
We can insure that all your designs comply with the global regulatory requirements and/or your specific requirements, as related to operational environment, quality of construction and reliability.  Our focus is on 7 key disciplines: (EMC, Safety, Human Factors, NEBS, MIL-STD, Power & Reliability).

Intellectual Property Protection
We also provide full support services for protecting your companies most valuable assets:

Full Suite of CAD Tools available at aXesYs
The CAD Design & Development tools used by our designers are considered the best available and include:

Keywords: Electronics, Printed Circuit Board