Collaboration Services using Microsoft SharePoint

By: Avanade  09-12-2011

Businesses that want to remain agile and competitive need solutions that allow people to work together from anywhere, on any device, while harnessing the combined knowledge and expertise of the entire organisation.

Avanade can help you tap the power of collaboration. Using Microsoft SharePoint, we integrate all your digital collaboration, communication and content management tools in a single, secure platform—without custom application development. Our team works with you to create a blueprint for a solution that supports business priorities, and we can help you with ongoing management and analytics to ensure you’re getting the most from your investment. Employees will stay connected across any distance to share information and resources, increasing their effectiveness, spurring innovation and cutting down on redundant work.

Other products and services from Avanade


Improve Productivity – Enterprise Applications

With Avanade enterprise applications, employees can search across the organization to get the accurate, consistent, up-to-date views of the information they need to perform their jobs well. When people search, it’s all right there: customers, suppliers, market trends, financial performance, sales effectiveness, inventory and more. Our IT services integrate vital information across departments and systems.


Drive Innovation – Managed IT Services

Our business technology solutions and managed services can help you evolve and adopt new technologies so you can cut costs, become more agile and bring a new level of experience and satisfaction to your customers. Avanade also offers a range of IT outsourcing services such as delivering Software-as-a-Service or datacentre virtualisation, so you can focus more on strategy and less on maintenance.


Business Intelligence Solutions | Avanade CA

Over the past three years, our experts have delivered more than 600 enterprise projects, and we have specific expertise and solutions for the banking, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail and telecommunications industries. Avanade Business Intelligence services can help you uncover the gold mine of strategic insights buried within your organisation, and share them across the entire organisation.


Optimise Operations – Managed IT Services

So whether you need to adapt to new technologies, integrate line-of-business applications or eliminate redundant or unnecessary services, you’ll get optimised operations that are as ready to face new opportunities as you are. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of business technology solutions and managed services based on the most advanced Microsoft technologies and current industry standards.


Transform Business – Business Technology Solutions

Our business transformation services can help eliminate the organisational, technical and geographic boundaries that separate people from the information they need. Information is the lifeblood of any organisation—and that’s why we believe that the right management solution should help you make information readily accessible. Between employees or become more adaptable to changing market conditions, Avanade services can help.