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The ACI 80 Communications Control Tower is designedto meet the need for "rapid deployment communications" for military andcivil uses.

The cab is designed to be transportable by roadon a light (3/4 ton) truck, and by air in such aircraft as the DeHavillandBuffalo, C-130, or any of the larger civil airplanes. The window sectionof the cab lowers into the base section for ease of transport and for security.The cab is insulated, heated, and air-conditioned, enabling it to be usedin a wide variety of climatic conditions.

Placing the cab into operation on arrival at thesite can be accomplished in about 15 minutes by 2 men:

  • Crank up the window section
  • Remove generator from cab and plug in electrical connector
  • Remove air conditioner and attach to roof fitting
  • Attach meteorological mast to cab corner
  • Attach radio masts to cab corners
  • Apply power, battery or generator
  • All equipment required is securely stowed within thecab in the cranked down position. Lock position is supplied.
  • A battery bank provides all power needed for operations.The generator is needed for heating, air conditioning and battery charging.
  • Window glass is single pane laminate. Double paneis an arctic option
  • Cab can be placed on any suitable structure and guyeddown; on top of a building, or left on the ground.
  • Space for two operators, one is normally adequate
  • In storage, cab is airtight and equipment is protectedfrom humidity
  • Can be handled by crane or fork-lift truck. Mountedon logitudinal skids with towing eyes.

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