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By: Ase Smart Energy  09-12-2011
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With ASE's innovative, energy-saving HVAC zoning systems, you don't need any robots or flying cars to save up to 40% on your energy bill.

Using a network of battery-operated, wireless room sensors and plug-and-play smart diffusers, our innovative ASE products can turn any old or new house into a sleek, interactive, energy-saving machine. Now, it's easy to retrofit your HVAC system. All the cool houses are getting smart.

Our interactive room control is Web-connected, allowing you to precisely command the temperature in each room of your house with the ease of a starfaring captain sitting on the bridge. Controlling the comfort of your Home has never been as easy and affordable.

From your hand-held command central, you can:

  • Program the life support functions in each room of your home
  • Find local weather forecasts and change your settings accordingly
  • Analyze the energy history of each room to better plot future repairs and improvements
  • Connect to your computer to control your home environment remotely
  • Our residential HVAC zoning systems are easy to install and ideal for retrofitting older homes. You'll be more comfortable, both in your Home and in knowing that our smart system pays for itself within 2 years. We guarantee it!

    ASE's Smart, Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems: Wireless, Interactive, Innovative

    In the past, you had to heat your entire house even though the whole family was in one room. You had no way of turning down the thermostat in the bedroom only.

    And unless you were willing to get on a step ladder and close the vent manually, you had to go on heating a room no one was using. The waste added up significantly over the years.

    But those days are gone. ASE's smart residential HVAC zoning systems make controlling energy use as easy as sending a text message.

    Our laboratory-tested* HVAC zoning products can cut your energy use by 40%. Easy to install and use, they ingeniously employ wireless technology to give you precise and customized temperature control for every room in your house.

    Easy to afford, our residential HVAC zoning systems can pay for themselves in a few seasons. Soon, you will be saving between 15 and 40 percent on your energy bills year after year. What will you do with all those energy savings?

    Save Your Wallet and the Environment with ASE's Smart, Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

    Our HVAC zoning systems come in two configurations:

    The Smart Diffuser

    Our Smart Diffusers are ZigBee compliant and are controlled by the central ASE Smart Controller. Smart Diffusers are self-powered by lithium ion batteries and are rechargeable using ambient lighting.

    The Smart Distributor

    Both systems rely on two components:

    Sensor Kit

    These small, battery-powered sensors are planted in strategic, hidden places throughout your house. They silently transmit individual room conditions to the Smart Controller. Battery life up to 2 years.

    The Smart Controller

    Our sleek command center replaces your obsolete thermostat. The Smart Controller is WiFi enabled and can be provisioned from any web browser or handheld smart device. Apps are available for the Apple, Android, and Microsoft platforms.

    With the Smart Controller, you can:

  • Pre-set the temperature for every room at any time
  • Track your overall energy consumption
  • Connect to local weather forecasts
  • Access your Home environment from any computer or smartphone
  • Receive emergency events via e-mail or SMS
  • Receive online video training and support
  • The Smart Controller puts every room of your home in the palm of your hand, with precise HVAC zoning. Now you can turn down the heat in the bedrooms while your family enjoys an evening together in your comfortable living room.

    And because our systems use wireless technology, they can manage much more than HVAC systems. You will soon be able to control lighting, entertainment, and security through your Smart Controller.

    The completely automated home of the future is here now with ASE Smart Energy residential HVAC zoning systems.

    See how easy it is to live in your very own Home of the future.

    Keywords: Hvac Zoning

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