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By: Ascribe Marketing Communications  09-12-2011
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As the kickoff to a project or as an assignment in its own right, we evaluate existing client materials to determine their effectiveness in relation to identified communications objectives. Drawing on our years of experience and practical knowledge of marketing writing forms, we’re able to offer recommendations on the full range of considerations—from concept, structure and brand reinforcement to tone, style and diction—appropriate to each client’s strategic context and requirements.


Through focused facilitated sessions that respect the value of our clients’ time, we draw out exactly the information needed to write effective marketing communications products—often working with organizational leaders at the highest levels. Whether defining value propositions for a branding tagline exercise, reviewing themes and events to shape an annual report, or exploring creative possibilities for a video or Flash animation script, we marry journalistic research skills with a marcom emphasis on messaging to reveal the way forward.


For every project, we ensure that the creative concept is supported by the messaging structure; that the approach targets the intended audience; and that the most granular details reflect the highest-level strategy. We adopted the phrase “great thinking” as our tagline to remind us that careful consideration and big-picture perspective are essential to producing successful marketing communications.

Writing + Editing

Writing and editing are the core of our business. We bring the experience of hundreds of assignments to each new project—with specialization in annual reporting, technology white papers, advertising campaign development, video scriptwriting and writing for the web. As part of our agency model, we break every assignment into discrete segments and execute them as a team in a workflow. Continuous quality-control checks and senior involvement at every step ensure dependably high-quality output, on message and on brand.


We appreciate the specific discipline and skills required for precise, dependable proofreading and copyediting. Both demand attention to detail and good process, including clear definition of scope and determination of style guidelines. We apply not only line-by-line meticulousness but also an understanding of the document as a whole—how the various parts interrelate—to respect the authors’ intentions as we make our refinements.


Continuous improvement is one of our core commitments. Every assignment offers up insights that provide the opportunity for us to refine our processes. We identify and acknowledge this learning over the course of each project, adopting best practices whenever we encounter them.

Creative Collaboration

On almost every project, we work closely with both our clients’ teams and external partners, including graphic designers, public relations and marketing strategists, web developers, French translators and adaptors. Within these collaborations we facilitate idea sharing, appreciating the specific role writing plays in the overall creative process.

Event Coverage

To document conferences, summits and similar events, we blend journalistic information gathering with a strongly process-driven writing approach, ensuring that session content is captured accurately and summarized clearly—whether in a , , , or .

Ascribe’s event coverage approach
Our event coverage work starts well in advance of the conference date. Based on a client briefing, our review of the event schedule and relevant background material, we reverse-engineer the intended written product to develop content-gathering templates that allow us to capture exactly the information needed to produce the final speech, presentation or report. Throughout the proceedings, we work closely with conference organizers and presenters, giving regular updates on progress and proactively troubleshooting to ensure all goes according to plan. Based on the number of concurrent sessions, subject matter and other considerations, we strike a team of the appropriate size and skills, assigning writers so that while we’re on the ground we can continue to develop content at a steady pace—delivering our first draft at or soon after the conclusion of the event.

Editing & Proofreading

Ascribe provides a full range of proofreading and editing services at the manuscript stage for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency in language and tone, and conformance with corporate style guidelines and standards. Proofreading services are also provided at layout to ensure that text has been transferred accurately and cleanly into design. We serve as the primary copyediting partner for several clients, editing and proofreading all —from , and to lengthy and —on an as-needed basis.

Ascribe’s editing and proofreading approach
Reliability and consistency are at the core of Ascribe’s copyediting services—whether we’re editing shorter pieces for style or plain language or engaging in more substantive rewriting on larger projects. We also have a deep appreciation for the specific discipline, precision and attention to detail required for proofreading—factors that make it unique from other editing functions and original writing.

Ascribe has a highly refined editing-support process that allows us to take on copyediting and proofreading projects of any scope and scale. When volume demands, we assign multiple editors working cooperatively to accelerate workflow and meet tight timelines.

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