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By: Annigan  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Encryption

File Security

Problem: The security of your files is at risk because they are being transferred and stored in their entirety.
Solution: Annigan’s File Segmentation Technology.

The File Segmentation Technology (FaST) used in AnniShare means that files are never transferred or stored in their entirety. By splitting your file at the desktop and sending it to multiple servers for storage and transfer, AnniShare eliminates the risk of interception and decryption. Files are only reconstituted when they arrive at their destination.

Problem: Your current solution provider only uses SSL to protect your files and does not store them with encryption.

Solution: Annigan’s Encryption Technology.

In addition to using top of the line, 256-bit SSL encryption (many our competitors only use 128-bit) AnniShare offers industry leading encryption options. By dividing your critical files and encrypting them using multiple algorithms (available through customization), Annigan is able to offer the kind of security the competition can only dream about.

Large Files

Problem: Your need to move a 10GB folder to a client and your current solution can’t accomodate it.

Solution: AnniShare’s industry-leading file capacity.

AnniShare can move files and folders as large as 1000GB (many services have a maximum capacity of 2GB), so you never have to worry about capacity. The system is intelligent enough that, even with the client closed, AnniShare will continue to move files in the background. On top of that, if your upload or download is cut-off part way through, AnniShare will automatically pick up from where the transmission left off. No more frustration of having to re-start the process like you do with FTP.

Problem: You’re tired of having to zip and unzip files and folders manually before sending them.

Solution: AnniShare’s auto-compression.

AnniShare automatically uses our customized process to auto-compress and then auto-decompress every file and folder that it moves. No more time wasted in manually zipping and unzipping files.


Problem: You work from multiple machines and want to be able to transmit and receive files from all of them.

Solution: AnniShare’s flexible access design.

AnniShare uses an easy-to-install desktop client. Install the client on up to three different machines in order to easily sync your files. All of your files are segmented and encrypted before they are moved and the client on all three machines will be updated.

No more worries, no more copying files onto USB or burning them to DVD to move between machines, and no more complicated FTP setups.

Problem: You need to send a large folder to offices around the world, including to a dozen new clients, and you’re on a tight deadline.

Solution: AnniShare’s easy delivery method.

FTP Replacement

Problem: The complexity, inflexibility and security issues with your current FTP solution are costing you time and money.

Solution: Annigan’s easy-to-use and easy-to-setup solution: AnniShare.

FTP is awkward, frequently requires a good deal of IT expertise, is not particularly secure, and will cause an upload or download to restart from the beginning if it is interrupted part way through the process. By contrast, AnniShare is easy to setup and use, more powerful, more efficient, and more secure than FTP.

AnniShare’s advantages over FTP:

1. Add new users with only their email addresses;
2. No need for an IT department to set it up;
3. None of the security concerns connected with leaving a port open;
4. Automated segmentation, compression and encryption;
5. Continue uploads and downloads from where they left off;
6. Accessible from multiple machines through the client.

International Workgroups

Problem: Your team is spread across the globe and you need a secure, simple, powerful solution to store and move large amounts of data.

Solution: AnniShare.

When your customers and employees are working from every corner of the globe, you need a solution that you can trust to move and store your most important files. No more time wasted burning and mailing DVD’s, or trying to talk customers through setting up FTP. Give your customers the security and speed they deserve.

At Annigan we understand that security and speed are essential and that is why we have created a solution which is easy to use, maximizes your resources (time, bandwidth and storage) and has the highest security standards out there.

Keywords: Encryption, Security

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By contrast, AnniShare will transfer files, or folders, up to 1000GB in size – big enough for even the most demanding enterprises. No matter how big the dog is that guards the server, files are vulnerable when stored in a single location. Our competitors transfer and store files in their entirety. At Annigan, we know that this compromises security. If you truly want Secure File Transfers. Segmented files are secure files.