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By: Annigan  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security

If you truly want Secure File Transfers, then AnniShare is your solution. Annigan’s unique approach surpasses the competition on many levels:

  • The Security of Separation

    Our competitors transfer and store files in their entirety. At Annigan, we know that this compromises security. No matter how big the dog is that guards the server, files are vulnerable when stored in a single location. Segmented files are secure files.

  • Bigger is Better

    Many of our competitors are limited to 2GB file transfers. By contrast, AnniShare will transfer files, or folders, up to 1000GB in size – big enough for even the most demanding enterprises.

  • The Power of Automation

    Unlike our competitors, everything that AnniShare does is automated: segmentation, compression and encryption are all managed without the user having to give them a second thought. You never have to worry about remembering to apply security measures manually and bandwidth is always maximized.

  • Now, where were we?

    Unlike many of our competitors, AnniShare’s intelligent transfer approach means that any time a transfer is interrupted, it will automatically pick up from where it left off saving a tremendous amount of time when downloading large files.

  • Keywords: Security

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    When your customers and employees are working from every corner of the globe, you need a solution that you can trust to move and store your most important files. Problem: The security of your files is at risk because they are being transferred and stored in their entirety.Solution: Annigan’s File Segmentation Technology.