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By: Ambercore  09-12-2011
Keywords: Create Value, Digital Mapping, Mapping Services

Products & Services

Ambercore is the 4D Company – 3D plus time! 

Ambercore’s mission is to help companies and their business networks better use 4D information by enabling them to access it, analyzing it and disseminate it, faster and more accurately than any other solution.

We offer products, services and 4D knowledge solutions that create value for Energy, Mining, Government, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Spatial industries. 

Ambercore delivers customized 4D information solutions for business by helping our clients access, fuse and leverage their disparate data silos.

Ambercore is a global company with three lines of business:

Ambercore’s TITAN® Division develops leading edge mobile LiDAR systems for ground based applications.  TITAN® is a revolutionary mobile scanning system that performs data acquisition for corridor applications requiring high-accuracy and maximum data coverage.  Comprised of high-frequency scanning lasers coupled with a dual-frequency GPS receiver and a proprietary Inertial Navigation System, TITAN is a completely portable, weather resistant, and fully enclosed system.

Ambercore’s Terrapoint Division has provided LiDAR and other digital mapping services to over 500 clients in over forty countries for the past twenty years. Our best-of-breed solutions are comprised of software, hardware and professional services.  Terrapoint’s primary focus is to deliver solutions that fit client needs in the delivery of digital elevation and image data. Service and product offerings include complete airborne LiDAR and digital imaging for engineering, survey and mapping applications.

In the Energy sector, 4D-iQ’sPetroleum iQ software for heavy oil SAGD producers is a practical application for viewing time-based engineering data (such as temperature, pressure and flow) in 4D in a geological spatial setting.  Petroleum iQ complements the existing workflow by allowing all manner of geological and engineering data to be integrated together from different systems in a 3D and 4D virtual environment.  Production changes and growth of the steam chambers can be monitored over time and correlated to geological models and other data to determine more accurately what is happening in the reservoir and how production can best be increased.

In the Mining sector, 4D-iQ’sTerra iQ package purifies and integrates data from many repositories and software systems.  Geological resource deposit models and geophysical models can be imported or developed within Terra iQ.  Interactive decision support systems have been developed for solid mineral deposit geological model analysis.  Capabilities include the creation of probabilistic ore-body and operational models that includes cost analysis and optimization of the exploration cycle. 

In the Spatial Information industry, leading software companies are embedding Ambercore’s technology in their flagship software products.  Ambercore’s patented software algorithms have the capability to process large data sets at orders of magnitude faster than existing solutions.  Ambercore’s enterprise class technology is robust, efficient and scalable and is designed for extremely large data applications. 

Ambercore helps deliver results to your desktop! 

Keywords: Create Value, Digital Mapping, Digital Mapping Services, Mapping Services,