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By: Ahb Technology  09-12-2011
Keywords: environmentally friendly, Solar Energy, Green Energy

AHB Technology's Multi Heat Source & Multi Functional Air to Water Heat Pump which can be integrated with either solar energy collector, fossil fuel (gas, oil, coal) boiler or electrical heater is designed to provide you with a complete heating and cooling solution, i.e. to supply both the house heat and domestic hot water (DHW).

The heating system optimizes the use of the free energy (solar energy), green energy (heat pump), and the "traditional" energy (supplied by a fuel boiler or electrical heater). Solar energy is free. That is why it should serve as a primary heat source for the heating system. AHB Technology's heating system always uses the solar energy first, and only if there is not sufficient quantity of the free energy available, then the heating system will include the heat pump in providing the heat. In case when even both solar energy and heat pump can not supply sufficient amount of heat to your house and/or to the DHW (e.g. in extreme cold weather), it will initiate the built-in electrical heater or boiler, which both serve as a back-up heating source to supply the missing quantity of heat for maintaining a comfortable environment in your house.

Key Features:

  • A combination a highly effective superb quality outdoor unit with a unique indoor unit offers an advanced, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly heating system.
  • Multi heat source, optimizing the utilization of solar energy, heat pump and traditional heat source.
  • Much lager evaporator with 3mm fin distance wave shape to assure a good performance even under very cold conditions.
  • PLC control system which enables adjusting the program according to individual customer's needs.
  • 5.4'' (14 cm) LCD color touch screen to display your logo, company information, pictures, etc.
  • Built-in electrical heater serving as a back-up heating source when no solar energy collector and/or boiler are available.
  • 200 L (52 gals) built-in domestic hot water storage tank to keep the energy ready for use by the heat pump.

Keywords: environmentally friendly, Green Energy, Heating System, Solar Energy