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By: Addsecure Net  09-12-2011
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appSQA™ Source Code Audit, a service offered by ADDSecure.Net Inc., provides program testing and code inspection of Internet applications to uncover security and quality assurance flaws. This original service is being offered worldwide to developers, system integraters and users of mission- critical Internet, intranet and Extranet applications. To corporations that are concerned with the security of their online services, appSQA™ provides the best line of defense when implementing ecommerce, Internet banking and transactional delivery of administrative services.

The appSQA™ service includes program security testing and a thorough review of programming source code for Internet/ Web applications written in programming languages such as Perl, C, C++, Visual Basic or Java. Taking into account the known security risks for a particular platform and the latest security patches, our professional code auditors implement a series of tests on the program to locate any security weakness or breach of corporate security policy within the application.

The auditors perform a line-by-line inspection of the programming source code to identify new problems relating to security. In addition, they look for any malicious code that employs helper programs on a user's hard disk to access unauthorized files and deliver them to the application's author.

Once the testing and code inspection phases are completed, the auditors generate a comprehensive, easy-to-read report detailing the code deficiencies uncovered in the analysis. If warranted, some suggestions on the ways to remedy the problems might be included in the report.

The appSQA™ service only checks for flaws in programming which may lead to security breaches. It does not involve any quality assurance testing for program functionality or presentation. In other words, we will only test your program to see if it violates system integrity, not to see if it performs correctly.

The price of appSQA™ service depends on many factors, such as the operating system used, the complexity of programming language, the programming culture and QA control of the development team. The exact price for the appSQA™ project can only be obtained if at least a 300-line sample code has been submitted to ADDSecure.Net. But generally our charge for such work starts from US$5 per line of code. A minimal charge might apply.

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Keywords: Security

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ADDSecure.Net Inc. -- ADDSecure.Net Security Audit

We are not that concerned with the brand name of equipment your organization uses to secure your network or server, as long as it does a proper job -- and probably neither should you. An independent audit can help you protect the integrity of your network and, in the process, save money by decreasing unnecessary or ineffective Internet security measures.


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