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By: Abbot Roofing Inc  09-12-2011
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Abbot Roofing is a certified Iko Pro Shield Plus installer.

Traditional Shingles (Marathon 25 AR, Marathon 30 AR)

  • These are your traditional 3-tab shingles.
  • Available in the 25 and 30 year warranties.

Note:  As of 2008, Iko no longer supplies organic shingles.  (Aristocrat)  These were the classic shingle with a felt paper base.  All existing shingles are now fiberglass based.  This allows the shingles to be stronger and more flexible while decreasing the amount of tar necessary in the production process.  It is also more cost effective.  At the time of their discontinuation, the 20 yr organic shingle was more expensive than the 25 yr fiberglass (Marathon).

Roofshake 40

  • Very Popular choice, Roofshake shingles provide a layered appearance.
  • Available in a 40 yr warranty.

Cambridge LT & 30yr AR

  • The Cambridge style of shingle is very similar to the Roofshake, the only differences being their warranties and that the laminated sections of the Cambridge shingles have square  cut edges and the Roofshakes are angled.
  • Available in 30 and lifetime warranties.

Crowne Slate LT

  • Crowne Slate is a very beautiful premium roofing product designed to emulate the old world look of natural slate.
  • Available only as a lifetime warranty

The underlay is one of the most important parts of your roofing system.  It ensures that if for any reason water gets under your shingles; it will not penetrate into your house. 

On any given roof there are several reasons for water to get underneath the shingles.  It could be due to ice damming near the bottom edges of the roof, around skylights or chimneys, water penetrating under wall flashings, around vents, or under flanges. Another cause could be if, due to wear, old shingles get torn off the roof in the wind, you want to make sure you have sufficient underlay to ensure you’re home is still waterproof.

Tar/Felt Paper

15 lbs (No. 15) is the standard felt paper used by most roofers.  It is also the felt paper product that we most frequently use.

Roofguard SB is a premium underlay product made from synthetic materials. It is much stronger and more durable than regular felt paper.

Also Available:
AM heavy duty: Slightly thicker felt paper.
No 25 Glass base sheet: A heavy fiberglass based paper mostly replaced now-a-days by ice and protector.

Ice and water Protector

Armourguard and Goldshield ice and water protector are perfect for assuring that those troubled areas on your roof no longer cause any problems.  They are self adhesive, highly durable and, unlike felt paper, create a superior seal around any nails that puncture the protector during the installation of shingles.
Goldshield is a premium product over and above the high quality performance of the Armourguard.

Roof venting is one of the most important aspects of the roofing system.  Improper ventilation leads to too much heat being trapped in the attic.  Too much hot air in the attic leads to excessive heat on the roof deck.

In the summer, the added heat will cause the tar in the shingles to dry out prematurely and cause the shingles to shrink, curl and wear out before their time. 
In the winter, the added heat will cause increased ice damming which in turn will cause water to back up under the shingles.  The ice build up itself will also cause damage to the shingles, especially if the weight of the ice gets too heavy and slides down the roof removing little pieces of shingle as it goes.  If ice damming causes leaking, removing the dam is not very good for the shingles and should be done by professionals.

Mushroom Vents

Mushroom vents are small square vents found on a lot of houses.  We use them to ventilate small areas of homes or areas that are somewhat cut off from the main portions of the house.  We also use mushroom vents to vent garages and other areas that are not heated. Our standard mushroom vent is the Duraflo 50

Ridge Vents

Ridge vents come in many forms.  Some are metal vents that stick up about three to four inches above the roof at the peak.  Others are made out of a foam material and yet others are plastic upon which we nail the hip shingles.  Ridge vents are one of the best performing types of vents, however, depending on the design of the roof, they can become buried in snow, something that limits their effectiveness.

Goose neck/ Exhaust Vents

Exhaust vents are made to serve a specific purpose.  If there is any sort of heat being ventilated outside in the form of a bathroom fan or kitchen fan exhaust, these must be vented through an exhaust vent.

Exhaust vents have a flap built within them to stop cold exterior air from getting into the vent and then into the house.  All house hold exhausts must be must be vented outside.  Exhausts vented into the attic create
added heat in the attic which leads to the above mentioned problems.

Venmar Vents

These, along with ridge vents, are the best performing vents available.   The are much larger and taller then all standard vents. Their height allows them to stick out of the snow and continue to function when most others would be blocked.  Venmar style vents, along with their competition, are quickly becoming the standard for venting large attic spaces above heated sections of  a house. Our standard Venmar vent is the 60300 

Plumbing Flanges

Plumbing flanges are all fairly standard.  They are made out of neoprene, and come in several sizes to fit specific plumbing pipes.  We use the waterline line of products viewable at the link below.

Keywords: Ice, Shingles, vents

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