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Backwater Valves « Multi-Drain Inc.

When functioning normally, the storm and sanitary sewer system takes storm and waste water away from the house and drains it out into the main city sewer line. Sometimes these main sewer lines become overloaded and the result is the storm water or sewage can be forced back through the lateral connections and back into the house, causing flooding and water damage. A solution to this problem is the installation of a backwater valve.

What is a Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve is a device that stops any sewer backups from entering into your home. The Mainline Full port and Adapt-a-valve backwater valves are two valves offered by Multi-Drain inc. both work with simple gate systems that close whenever the sewer experiences a back-up. The Mainline Fullport Backwater Valve’s normally open design allows the free flow of sewage materials and gases into the main city sewer line …

The Adapt-a-Valve is designed to be low maintenance alternative to handle any backup on the storm line. When there is a large amount of water present such as a rainfall or melting snow, water can accumulate and cause foundation and property damage. The storm water system drains this excess water off your property and into the storm sewers. Just as with the sanitary sewer, when the storm sewer is overloaded it can force water back up the storm lateral, saturating the ground around the weeping tile. Excess water around the foundation can create unstable footing or even crack the foundation.

Do I Really Need One?

How much will it cost?

Installation involves two valves one to protect your sanitary system and the other for the storm system. to have both valves installed can fall anywhere between $2000 and $5000 for standard installation. The price will often increase with the presence of existing plumbing connections or improper plumbing.

The City of Ottawa’s protective plumbing program is reimbursing people (up to 100% of the cost*) to install these valves in a house with a history of flooding due to sewer backup. This is a reimbursement program and the customer must pay for the valves up front, to be reimbursed by the city once the work is completed.

*It is strongly recommended to check with the city in regards to the current status of the grant program.

How is it done?

Sanitary Valve

a Mainline Fullport Backwater Valve, before backfilling with concrete

Our experienced crews at Multi-Drain inc. have installed over 1000 Valves. Our Process is designed to take one to two days. After filing the necessary permits, we break up the basement floor, exposing the underground plumbing. Any connections or reroutes that must be made to correct the plumbing are made. (All connections need to be rerouted behind the valve). Once the valve is installed the City of Ottawa mandates that it must be inspected by a plumbing inspector before the work can be completed.After inspection, an access box is placed over the valve and is sealed with concrete. The hole is filled and re-sealed with concrete.

a completed mainline fullport backwater valve installatio

Storm Valve

When installing the Adapt-a-valve we use our hydro excavation truck to dig a pit down to the storm line in the yard. Hydro excavation is a process that uses high pressure water

Our Combo truck hydro-excavating

to liquefy the soil around the dig site, then a high powered vacuum suck up the mud, soil and rocks, exposing the sewer lines below doing minimal damage to surrounding soil.

The line is cut and the valve is installed with an access pipe to the surface. Over the access pipe we place a sleeve which connects to the access panel on the surface. This sleeve allows for the natural movement of the ground freeze and thaw. Gravel is used to fill the hole topped off with topsoil. The result is a small cast iron access cover flush with the ground level.

completed Adapt-a-valve install, this picture show two valves being installed on neighboring properties, in the same hole.

Some houses are already equipped with a storm backwater valve; they are often located next to the location of the sanitary clean out. In this case we replace the current valve with a new IPEX approved backwater valve.

Where Does It Go?

The sanitary valve is installed just inside the foundation wall next to the existing clean out. The storm valve is installed outside the foundation wall, with an access pipe to the surface.

How Do I Get Started?

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