3DA :: Rich Internet Applications

By: 3da  09-12-2011

Turning the world virtually borderless, the Internet phenomena has definitely taken the globe by storm, offering access to anyone, from anywhere. With this in mind, rich internet applications offer its users a web experience unlike any other. And we’re not talking about simply tickling your technological appetite. We’re talking about finally satisfying your multimedia cravings, from videos to online games to mobile applications. Got some ideas for some really cool applications? 3DA can help you breathe those concepts to life.

To find out more about rich internet applications and what 3DA can do for you, feel free to contact one of our business solutions representatives.

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3DA :: Content Management

Pyroframe supports dozens of existing module plugins which provide additional functionality, such as custom forms and news items. If your business requires additional functionality, 3DA's team of developers can build custom modules to meet your needs. CodeIgniter provides a fast, lightweight, and secure back end, allowing Pyroframe to easily scale as your business grows.


3DA :: Rich Desktop Applications

Whatever the nature of your business may be, from telemarketing to retail to mass production and everything in between, 3dA Multimedia can design desktop applications that will make your job easier and more accurate, so much so that you and your employees will actually look forward to going to work everyday.