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By: Neff Law Office  09-12-2011
Keywords: Accounting, probate, Estate Accounting

Probate – The Court-issued 'Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee' (commonly called 'Probate') allows the Executor to control estate assets and distribute to beneficiaries. We gather asset and other information to prepare and submit an application to Court whether or not there is a Will. We also assist in obtaining an Executor's Bond which is often required if there is no Will.

Avoiding Probate – Some estates may not require probate. When we meet with the Executor or beneficiaries, we can advise if probate might be avoided thus reducing the cost of administering the estate.

Estate or Trust Administration – A simple estate or trust may be administered by the Executor or Trustee without legal assistance. For more complex estates or trusts or if an Executor or Trustee is too busy to administer a simple estate or trust, we provide estate and trust administration services and advice, as little or as much as is needed. We explain which income tax and trust returns may need to be filed, review filing deadlines and provide referrals to tax specialists. We can arrange for estate and trust income tax returns to be completed and filed on behalf of the Executor or Trustee.

Estate Accounting – An administrative and accounting support service to free you from the complex and time-consuming tasks of being an Executor or Trustee, while ensuring that estate accounting rules are followed and that you are paid for the work that you do.

Passing of Accounts of Executor or Trustee – We prepare the Court documents which accompany the Executor or Trustee accounts when submitted to Court. We can also prepare, or assist the Executor or Trustee to prepare, accounts so that records are in Court format. We will communicate with external agencies on behalf of the Executor or Trustee as required.

Keywords: Accounting, Estate Accounting, probate,