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By: Halyma  09-12-2011
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I just took some time to check in on registration for my Byward Market location classes and hey – there’s still room for some new dancers to come on out and start learning this fun dance form!

NEWBIES WANTED: Bellydance Level 1 and Bellywood on Thursdays!

You have time to go home and have a light supper, but not get too comfy, and come on out and get moving – gently but powerfully!

Everyone  who comes that first night leaves marvelling at the workout!  From just gently isolating those body parts, laughing, shimmying and playing with a lovely piece of fabric, you get a fun head to toe adventure in cultural immersion!  Well, at least a few anecdotes, exposure to really interesting music and loads of silliness and learning how to move in new graceful ways!

So, feel welcome to join me this fall in  any of my classes – and there’s room in all, but I really hope to see some new faces this session

Do I have to bare my belly?

NO.  Wear comfy clothes that you can move in, sweat in, stretch in and feel good in.

I have no co-ordination, will I feel awkward?

YES – but so does everyone else!  So don’t worry about it!  And every week, your muscles take over and allow those movements to feel more natural and elegant!

Do I have to perform?

NO – but you can if you want to.  Over the 12 weeks, i teach techniques first, and choreography only towards the end of the session so that you feel comfortable with the moves. then you can either join us for the December OCCP as a dancer or audience member!  or if you cannot attend, at least you’ll have learned a fun dance to  show your close friends and family on your own time!

Do I need a jingly belt/ coin belt/veil/costume?

NOPE!  I am happy to see folks with or without the coin scarves/belts/etc. I want you to feel comfy and relaxed and take it at your own pace!

Of course,if you have one already and want to wear it, you are most welcome to – pretty skirts, fun tops are great – but I want you to break a sweat, so don’t wear your full on performance costumes!

Any other questions?

Leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to let ya know anything you might need to.  

In the meantime, here are some samplings of past fun:

Thanks to my students who gave me permission to use theses clips of them from the spring 2011 session routine!

And Halyma [ that's me!] doing some belly dancing :

Keywords: Dancers

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