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By: Polar Solid  09-12-2011
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Expanded Wheel Solids
     Expanded Wheel Solids are built on custom wheels.  These wheels have a larger outside diameter than the O.E.M. rims.  The final product has the same OD and Tread Width as a pneumatic tire.  Expanded Wheel Solids are less expensive because they require less rubber than the Full Depth Solids.  

Key Benefits

  • Lower initial cost
  • Lighter (uses less fuel)
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • You can wear them down as far as want

Disadvantages (compared to Full Depth Solids)

  • Less rubber between machine and ground leads to rougher ride
  • Greater operator and equipment fatigue
  • Lighter tire is more likely to spin
  • Tires appear rough to operator

Full Depth Solids
     Full Depth Solids are built on rims similar in size to OEM.  They have the same OD, the same tread width and the same amount of rubber between the machine and the ground as pneumatic tires.

Key Benefits

  • Smoother ride (more rubber between machine and ground)
  • Less operator and equipment fatigue
  • More Stable
  • Better traction (due to weight)

Disadvantages (compared to Expanded Wheel Solids)

  • Heavier (uses more fuel)
  • Higher rolling resistance
  • Higher initial purchase price

Not only do we provide the best products, but we also back it with fanatical service and support.  With over 100 employees and 150 vehicles, we have the people and equipment to serve you from start to finish. 

Keywords: Expanded Wheel Solids, Rubber,