Co-operative Couselling & Hypnosis Services by Dorothy Gagnon

By: National Guild Of Hypnotists  09-12-2011
Keywords: Weight Loss, Counselling, hypnosis

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Anger Management can be up to ten or more sessions depending upon the severity, depth and root cause of the anger. Counselling includes the client understanding, comprehending and taking responsibility for their actions. Hypnosis is incorporated with the counseling to bring about permanent change.

Children’s Issues can include ADD, bedwetting, coping with family changes such as divorce and separation, fears and problem solving. Usually noticeable change can be seen following the first session with a follow up to re-enforce lasting changes.

Fears and Phobias can be dealt with either by direct suggestion or through regression work to find the source or original incident that created the fear. This work can take up to three sessions with results noticeable following the first session.

Habit Change can comprise of any habit that a client wishes to let go of from Altitude sickness to Tricholtillomania (hair pulling) and everything in between including more common habits such as nail biting, obsessive behaviour and thumb sucking. The number of sessions and outcome would depend on the clients willingness to let go of the habit.

Pain Management can be one or more sessions and is focused on the client gradually becoming responsible for their own health through education and self hypnosis. It is important for the client to understand their pain and know the cause. It is equally important for the client to inform their family doctor if they are beginning or undergoing hypnotherapy.

Personal Development can take many forms. This can include assisting the client in their development of confidence, self esteem, assertiveness, appreciation of life as it is or of adjusting to life changes. Motivation, letting go of emotional baggage and tuning in to emotions are just of few of the things that the client can do to empower themselves.

Smoking Cessation is one session of approximately one and one half hours. Smoking habits, coping skills and outcomes are discussed and incorporated into the hypnosis session. A CD is provided for the client to take home with them.

Stress Relief can be one or more sessions. Each session can be up to one and one half hours. Counselling is provided to enable the client to understand where the issues are coming from and to think and act in more positive ways. Hypnosis with relevant suggestions are given as well as introducing the client to the benefits of self hypnosis. Age regression can also be used to enable the client to go back to the initial event that started the dysfunctional behaviour and to change the outcome.

Weight Loss usually involves three to five sessions. The first session is one and one half hours and includes information gathering, coping skills, obstacles and goals. Hypnosis is introduced to the client with suggestions based upon their particular needs. A CD is given to the client for re-enforcement. Subsequent sessions are approximately one hour and include counseling and hypnosis.

Keywords: Anger management, Counselling, hypnosis, pain management, Weight Loss

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