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By: Lcamobile  09-12-2011
Keywords: Music Player, Guitar Studio, Guitar Tuner

The main menu

This screen shows the main menu.

The first menu item allows the user to open a Chordpro file from their Library of Chordpro files.
The second selection allows the user to select a Tab file to open. The Chord Library of over 30,000 chords is available through the third selection. A built in tone based guitar tuner is accessible from the “Chord Library” menu selection. The Music Player menu item launches the built in mp3 player The last menu item allows the user to set scroll rates, font size and other user option.

Selecting a Chordpro File from your song library

Opening a Chordpro file on Guitar Studio

When you choose OPEN CHORDPRO from the main menu, a list of all of the Chordpro files in your personal library appear and you can simply scroll through the list and open the song that you want to play.

Of course you can add songs to your Chordpro music library simply by downloading them onto your Blackberry SD memory card and choosing UPDATE CHORDPRO LIBRARY.

Your new songs will instantly appear in the list and become available for playing wherever you go.

Playing a Chordpro File

Once you have selected the Chordpro song that you want to play, the song opens up and displays the lyrics and chords.  You can then scroll through the chords and instantly look up any chord that you don’t know how to play in the 30,000+ chord library.

You can also enable auto scrolling of the song so that the song display will advance at the speed you have chosen so you can play it hands free.

Chord Fingering Display

By moving the Blackberry pointer to the right, more ways to play the chord are displayed. The order in which they are

displayed begins at fret 1 and moves up the neck as you move through the chords. This makes it easy to find the most appropriate version of the chord for the song you are playing.

Chords can also be searched by pressing the blackberry button and entering the chord name.

Selecting a Tab file from your Music Library

Adding to your TAB music library is easy and you can view our video tutorial on how to do this here.

Creating and Editing Tabs and Lyrics

You never know when you’ll have that great song idea and now you can capture the moment with your Blackberry and Guitar Studio!

Tune Your Guitar

Simply move your mouse button right or left to change the tone selection and hear the tone repeated until you exit or choose the next tone.

Mp3 Player Controls

This screen shows the MP3 control screen that allows the user to play, pause, fast forward and Rewind and MP3 music file.  MP3s files can be directly associated to Tab or Chordpro files so that they will begin playing along with the Tab or Chordpro Song display with the touch of a single keyboard shortcut.

Keywords: Guitar Studio, Guitar Tuner, Music Player

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