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By: Hobb & Co  09-12-2011
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Do any of these scenarios describe you or your business?

1. Your business environment is changing, but you are having difficulty keeping up.

2. You know where you want to take your business, but you are not sure how to get there.

3. You are spending the majority of your time putting out fires and dealing with matters that other people should be able to deal with. There is no time left to take advantage of the skills you have that would bring the biggest benefit to your business.

4. Your business has stalled. You can't seem to grow your business further.

5. Revenue is growing and you are working harder, but profit isn't growing.

6. Your employees are not committed to the goals of the business. You have high employee turnover, poor morale in the workplace, you spend time redoing their work, and customer service isn't what it should be.

7. Your customers/suppliers are demanding more - better quality, faster, better pricing, and you are struggling to know how to keep your business headed in the right direction and stay profitable.

8. Poor cash flow is restricting the business's ability to pay bills, grow and invest in its future.

9. You should be thinking about how to exit your business, but you are not sure how to go about it.

Hobb & Company is able to bring a wide variety of expertise and experience to help its clients solve the business problems they face.

Profit Improvement Services

We help our clients improve their profitability by helping them identify strategies that take advantage of their strengths and opportunities. Our services include helping our clients to focus on the products or service offerings that contribute the most profit. We can then align the internal systems and processes to improve efficiencies and support those activities that create the most profit.

Human Resource Management Services

A common complaint we hear from business owners is that their employees are not committed to the goals of the company. There can be several reasons for this. We work with both the business owner and the employees of the company to find out where the problems exist and why they exist. The solutions we recommend work because all affected parties are involved in the process, achieving buy in from everyone. We can also assist our clients in the hiring process, developing job descriptions, dealing with problem employees and other related services.

Business Coaching Services

Our business coaching services help our clients stay on track. These services include helping our clients develop a valid plan with action items and specific goals. We then meet with our clients on a regular basis to monitor and measure performance against goals and analyze and interpret results. These services also include benchmarking against industry averages and the company's past history so the company can evaluate its position against its competitors and past results.

Business Diagnostic Services

You went into business with hopes, dreams and an idea. The opportunities seemed endless. But all too often, that original vision can be obscured by the daily challenges of business life.

It's easy to lose sight of the opportunities that are passing you by.

Our Diagnostic Services can help your business realize its potential with a personalized strategic and operational review that includes:

  • A Business Diagnostic Analysis - To review your strategic position in the marketplace.
  • Strategic and Operational Plans - To identify what needs to be accomplished to reach your goals.

Succession Planning Services

Are you overwhelmed by the issues surrounding the exit from your business, or too busy to plan for your exit, or receiving conflicting advice from your various advisors on the subject so you don't know where to turn? These are some of the more common reasons given by business owners for not doing an exit plan. If you are like most business owners your business is one of your major assets, and likely the largest asset in financial terms. Accordingly, the sale or transfer of your business will be a significant event in your life and like all significant events it requires planning. Whether you want to or not, you will be exiting from your business at some future date. To dramatically increase the chances of achieving your retirement objectives you should have a plan. It will clarify where you are today, estimate how much money you will need to retire, set out what you need to do to reach your financial retirement goals, establish what needs to be done in the business so its value can be maximized when you retire and identify potential successors for your business. Once a plan is in place we are also able to offer services to help you implement your plan. These services include managing the implementation process, making your business ready for sale so its value is maximized on the transition date, upgrading the skills of potential successors to ensure a smooth transition and assisting with the actual transaction.

Financing Services

Having difficulty obtaining the financing you require to properly run your business? We know what lenders are looking for when they receive a request for financing. This knowledge will ensure that you are fully prepared before making your request so that the chances of success are dramatically increased. We can also help you manage your relationship with your lenders so that they will be more likely to work with you rather than call your loan when you hit a bump in the road.

Valuation Services

Our network of experienced valuators can provide you with accurate valuations of your business which will assist you in matrimonial disputes, shareholder disputes, selling your business or estate planning.

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