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By: Dt Media  09-12-2011

At DT Media we look at design as tool to solve problems. Our designers are extensively trained at coming up with creative solutions for our clients unique design challenges.

Whether you’re looking for a new interface or a strategically designed database we’re equipped with the skills to solve even the most difficult design conundrums.

Our designers follow a tried tested and true design process starting with problem analysis and research, then moving to initial sketches and brain storm, then back to some more research. Once the second round of research has been completed they move into the creation of first drafts. Once reviewed by the client these drafts will be worked and re-worked until they are the perfect solution, for the problem at hand.

We will work with you every step of the way keeping you in the loop and in touch with your project ensuring that the final product is designed to your specifications. And successfully solves the problems at hand.

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DT Media | Online Marketing

It involves being found by major search engines and being in the top page results when people perform Internet searches on relatable topics. At DT Media we don’t exclusive rely on SEO as the only method of online marketing. Here at DT Media we understand the importance of SEO in everything we do online.


DT Media | Content Management

By having a customized content management system in place, you can update your web content frequently and efficiently without contacting a developer. Frequently changing content is the number one way to turn unique visitors into returning visitors.


DT Media | Strategy and Planning

At DT Media we have the tools to properly analyze your finished online endeavour and make sure that it’s working towards your business goals and not away from them. We like to work with you and understand your overall goals and design a solution that will mesh perfectly with your existing marketing, sales, and business goals. They have an idea and a concept but are not sure of the best methods to bring this idea to life.


DT Media Services offered by Toronto's top web site design and development studio

Our writers will create striking content that not only informs your readers, but teaches and delights them as well. The writers at DT Media understand how to utilize SEO, so your content will surface in the search engine results. When producing web content, it is important to know SEO and the algorithms of search engines.