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Accessibility Experts - Customized Workshops and Services

  •  Training
  •  Accessibility Planning & Development
  •  Policy Review & Development
  •  Document Review & Development
  •  Standards Compliance Advice & Research
  •  Reporting Requirements and Documentation
  •  Accessible Communication Plans & Websites, 
  •  Proposal Writing, and
  • Consulting Services

Customized Workshops

Accessible Customer Service Training - 3 Hour Workshop

$1495 per session (max 25 people)

This workshop meets compliance with the new Accessible customer Service Standards. It is ideal for front line staff and department heads. Your staff will have a greater sense and understanding of how to provide superior customer service to persons with disabilities.  The workshop includes an overview of the legislation and its requirements, disability terms and definitions, and reporting and training requirements. 

Various simulation and interactive learning experiences help your staff to identify and remove barriers in the workplace. This workshop will change the way your staff provide service to your community!

"Excellent facilitators.  I learned a lot."

"This training opened my eyes to the different types of disabilities and the obstacles they face."

"This was a very good course which raised an incredible awareness in a wide area surrounding inaccessibility/disabilities."

"Simulation exercises were excellent and group discussions very informative."

"Interesting and informative."

"Entire session really opened my mind to just how difficult normal tasks can be to a person with a disability."

Management Overview Accessibility Standards for Customer Service - 1 Hour Workshop

$650 per session (max. 25 people)

This workshop will help your management staff to move forward in implementing the new Customer Service Standards.  Staff will learn the legislated requirements under the AODA. They will also learn what their responsibilities are, how to comply and what next steps are needed.

The standards are easier to implement when staff clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. A great first step in moving your organization forward before the next four standards are implemented.

"For months I've been trying to explain this legislation and it's impact to Senior Management staff.  You come in for an hour and they get it.  Now we can move forward."

"I feel I have learned information that I can use."

Accessible Customer Service Training - 1 Hour Workshop

$1,000 per session (max 40 people)

This workshop also meets compliance with the new Accessible Customer Service Standards and is for those staff with limited customer service interaction with persons with disabilities. It includes an overview of the legislation and its requirements, disability terms and definitions and reporting and training requirements. It does not include simulation or interactive exercises. Ideal for volunteers, contractors and staff with little or no customer service interaction. 

"Glad I had the opportunity to attend."

"I enjoyed the session and information much more then I thought."

"Very informative."

Accessible Customer Service Training - 1 Hour E-Learning

$35 per person

Sometimes it's difficult to pull staff away from their jobs for any length of time. The e-learning workshop allows staff to train on line when convenient. E-learning is set up with modules which cover all the training requirements of the Accessible Customer Service Standards. If you require a customized training module of your organizations policies and procedures additional costs would be involved.

Implementing Customer Service & Creating Policies and Procedures - 1 Day Workshop

(Price to be negotiated)

This course is ideal for staff responsible for implementing the Customer Service Standards of your organization. Decision makers will be educated on legislative background, requirements, and effective and accessible customer service training. This interactive workshop helps staff to work in unison to begin the process of writing your policies and procedures. You will also work on a plan for your organizational training and reporting needs. A great interactive training session that helps your organization to meet compliance and avoid penalties.

"Great workshop. Really helped me to understand the legislation better and to write our policies and procedures."

"I'm not feeling so overwhelmed now. This has been a great help. Thank you."

"I learned so much. I had to idea it was this involved."

Train the Trainer Accessible Customer Service Training - 2 Day Workshop

$1,295 per person

How will you train new staff, volunteers and contractors? Why not train one of your own staff. An extensive 2 day "Train The Trainer" workshop will help you learn the customer service legislation, disability types, effective customer service and compliance requirements around policies, procedures and training. You will be taught the principles of adult learning theories and practice delivery to effectively train any new staff on Accessible Customer Service Standards.

"It was the most effective training I think I've ever taken."

"You are truly excellent, skilled and knowledgeable facilitators."

" This was way more then I expected."

" Two of the best facilitators I've ever seen."

" Thank you for helping me to feel comfortable to deliver Accessible Customer Service Training. I had no idea I would be learning public speaking skills as well."

"You really broadened my understanding of accessibility and enhanced my facilitation skills."

"As a Health and Safety Trainer I've been to at least 30 different training sessions over the years. This was by far the best session I have ever taken."

Other Services

Accessibility Planning and Development

Assistance with an overall program to achieve compliance to the Ontarians with Disability Act (ODA) and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA) and associated standards.

Accessible Communication Plans & Web Sites

  • Preparation in meeting the Accessible Information and Communication Standard
  • Assistance with alternative formats
  • Auditing of web site for accessibility (W3C)
  • Development of accessible web site content

Policy Review and Development

  • Auditing of current policies and procedures that support accessibility
  • Customer service review of current documents to verify compliance
  • Development of new policies and procedures based on your needs

Proposal Writing

Assistance in developing proposals for funding and other resources

Reporting Requirements and Documentation

  • Assistance in determining what will be needed for reporting to the Province
  • Advice on reporting methods and documentation

Standards Compliance Advice and Research

  • One on one advice and consultation on compliance to the legislation
  • Review of current training processes to verify compliance

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