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By: Geotap Energy  09-12-2011

Businesses are always looking for new ways to control operating costs and energy use is no exception. For many building owners wishing to reduce energy costs and the impact of their buildings on the environment, a geo-exchange system is an attractive option because of reduced energy consumption - and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.  In many cases it is possible to save tens of thousands of dollars each year in operating costs not to mention all of the goodwill business will receive for being environmentally friendly.  Whether it is offices, recreational facilities, schools, or other commercial buildings, owners often find that the return on investment more than justifies the initial investment costs.

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Special thermally enhanced grout with high silica sand content mixed and injected with a state of the art mixing and pumping unit for maximum thermal conductivity of borehole. Casing is removed after installation, ensuring the maximum energy transfer between the thermal grout and the surrounding area. Some of GeoTap's geothermal drilling and horizontal loop installation advantages include.


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Since Geo-exchange systems use a renewable resource, which is efficient and non-polluting, replacing a fossil fuel system with geothermal immediately cuts household energy emissions by 50%, the equivalent of taking four cars off the road.