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By: Species  09-12-2011

All of us are acquainted with the phenomenon of bioluminescence and most have seen it, one way or the other, with their own eyes, be it glowing plankton on the sea or a swarm of fire flies. Bioluminescence is relatively rare in land dwellers (some insects such as fireflies, earthworms, and glowing fungi build the exception) but could be called standard in ocean inhabitants. There are, in fact, many places in the open oceans where bioluminescence does occur in 80 to 90% of all organisms; it is used to find food, attract a mate, lure prey, camouflage, or fight off predators.

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Stamets is a visionary, and what he envisions is a world where people finally throw overboard their mycophobia and enter a symbiosis with Eumycota, the exponents of the Fungi Kingdom which houses an estimated number of 1.5 million species, and is, of all other kingdoms, closest to our own. When we say "fungi", most of us think of portobellos, magic mushrooms, mold, or maybe skin diseases.


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In the continuing saga of man versus beast, the latest chapter occurred on Tuesday, 20 July 2011, in a small but densely populated village in West Bengal, India. There have been at least three widely publicized reports of leopard attacks. The animal apparently escaped from a national park or refuge.


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We all consume insects on a daily basis anyway, either knowingly or "by accident", since insects are practically part of all processed food items we consume, be that peanut butter, tomato soup or noodles, they are in there for sure. Waxworm tacos, deep fried scorpion, 6-ingredient cricket stir-fry: how does that sound to you, mouth-watering. Those of you who squinch up their faces now, be aware, for insect cuisine is on the rise.


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She was once a star performer at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and a favorite at the Big St. Petersburg State Circus, where she rode a motorcycle around the ring. Katya and another bear were crowd-pleasers at an opening ceremony at the 1980 Olympics, and she even has appeared in a couple of movies.