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By: Atkinson Maple  09-12-2011
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Would you like to test your own maple syrup for lead contamination but don’t want anyone to know the results? We can send a sample of your maple syrup to an independent lab for anonymous testing for you. The test result is strictly confidential and is not released to anyone else. Even if you have a reading that is higher than acceptable limits, the information is not given to CFIA or OMAFRA. We do not share any client information with these bureaucratic layers of government.

We require a 100ml plastic jug of maple syrup identified with a batch, lot or drum number and a separate memo with your name and address. We supply the lab with your jug without any reference to your name or contact information. When the result is known we mail it back to you or if you prefer we can call you with it. The cost for this testing service is $69.95 per sample. During March and April, testing will be done on a bi-weekly basis and during other months of the year, testing will be conducted once each month so samples should be at our office by the first of each month.

Call us today or come into our showroom for more details.

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Keywords: maple syrup