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By: Stratnet Igi  09-12-2011
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Use ITSM Coach to guide you through your service desk improvement process.
ITSM Coach is a hosted service providing an inexpensive step by step guidance from several of the world’s leading IT consultants as to how you can set up, run, measure performance and continually improve your service desk. ITSM Coach works alongside your current service desk tool.

Are you..

  • Buying or upgrading a help desk tool or
  • Wanting to implement IT best practice frameworks such as ITIL, ITSM, COBIT
  • Sending staff on ITIL or Process training
  • Dealing with frustrated end users
  • Wanting to improve IT support and are not sure where to turn
  • We partner with you to make simple but effective changes to your IT support
  • We remove complexity and cost from ITIL and ITSM implementations
  • We provide ongoing education and inspiration on how to continually improve IT
  • ITSM Coach automates the help desk continual improvement lifecycle
  • ITSM Coach is SaaS based, completely secure, easy to use and you have nothing to download!
  • Transforming your Help Desk into a Valuable Business Asset
  • Understanding your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Prioritizing your business outcomes and communicate help desk goals
  • Learning how happy your end users are with your help desk
  • Viewing your survey results in an easy to read screen
  • Understanding why you scored so high (or low)

How do I know that my help desk/service desk is successful?

Many organizations that have been running a service desk or help desk for many years are not certain how to answer this question. ITSM Coach provides insight by removing the guess work from metrics. Organizations are provided with reports that demonstrate success or areas of improvement, while Think ITSM Wisdom Windows assists in the interpretation of the data from the service desk. This enables organizations to make appropriate and responsive changes to their practices.

What business outcomes should I expect from my service desk?

ITSM Coach is populated with the types of procedures that are utilized by the best run service desks. The ITSM Coach application enables you to take advantage of any of these procedures as well as create your own, store and maintain them.


Learn about customer satisfaction from our pre-populated surveys

There is an often reported 'chasm' between IT and the organization it supports. IT often has access to the technology to survey end users or customers but is unsure of the questions to ask and how to interpret and communicate the results. ITSM Coach has a survey engine that is pre-populated with all of the questions necessary to effectively survey your organization's end-users while providing expert advice on how to conduct customer surveys. In the background Think ITSM Wisdom Windows, chart the data received from the surveys. This enables organizations to view and make proactive changes to their practices based on survey responses.


What reports should I be running from my service desk?

Obtaining valuable, actionable data from the service desk need not be complex. The ITSM Coach approach is to provide a console where a single screen can advise what is happening at any point in time. From the console it is possible to drill down into Wisdom Windows that tell a story of information behind a specific key performance indicator (KPI).


How do I improve my service desk's performance?

Having ITSM Coach means you have access to the expertise of some of the world's leading IT Service Management thinkers. They will guide you through the steps required to fix particular challenges faced by your organization.


Keywords: Hosted Service

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