Social Proof

By: Twitzoom  09-12-2011
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Investing in Social Proof

Social Proof

It’s what the savvy business world is now doing. Appeal to the nature and condition of human beings to increase your market share. It’s a pretty simple concept that has been a part of the human race for centuries. For the most part, people follow other people to the Promised Land. When many people begin to do one thing it’s called the fad. One person following in another person’s footsteps is

how fads begin

. This very idea is being employed by modern day marketing experts using social networks like Twitter.

  • Join the savvy business world on Twitter
  • Make a simple concept prove itself to you
  • Provide convincing proof to your audience
  • Create social influence to effect buying decisions
  • Twitter is a major factor for providing social proof
  • A great way of client and prospect building confidence
  • Funnel Twitter to your internet website
  • Twitter is modern day marketing

The Key to Closing More Sales

Social proof is a very important part of marketing on the Internet. You can obtain social proof from other customers in testimonial form. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook also deliver a convincing form of social proof. Think about it for a moment! You are going to purchase a product from an Internet web site but there’s nothing convincing you that you can trust this new supplier. Then you glance to the left hand side and see that they have 10,000 followers on Twitter and 10,000 fans on Facebook. Are you convinced now? Survey says … yes, you are!

Who Is Robert Cialdini?

He is the author of a book called “influence” which provides convincing proof that social influence is a major factor in building confidence and trust. The idea of the book is based on endorsement. When many people endorse an idea or product others automatically follow. The value is increased just because other people endorse it. That is the prime area reason why building a strong following on Twitter goes well beyond ranking in the top fold of search engines. You are providing uncontested proof directly to people that you can be trusted with their transaction.

Lead People to the Promised Land

You can speak directly to many people pitching your exciting new idea. Why do most people seem to not believe what you are saying? At the element of social proof and you are quickly selling products. This is because you’re offering is far more believable when other people are blessing it. Social influence will directly or indirectly affect buying decisions. It has been a longstanding mystery with marketing researchers. The fact that people begin to follow people is not fully understood by researchers. This makes it difficult to predict viral circumstances and the beginning of a new fad. Out of all marketing decisions you make the most important one will be the company you choose for social influence and proof campaign strategies. It is a combination of psychology, experience and marketing that will deliver a strong marketing message resulting in business enquiries and leads.

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Keywords: Marketing

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