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By: Humber Students Federation  09-12-2011
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Health and Dental Insurance

HSF is proud to be the first Canadian college to bring students a flexible health insurance plan. The following information will aid you in learning more about the HSF Health plan and the many services it offers.

Please see below for highlights of the improvements to your plan.

Balanced Plan Enhanced Drug Plan Enhanced Dental Plan
Co-insurance 80% 90% 65%
Maximum $2,000 $4,000 $1,500
Insulin supplies $1000
Basic and Preventative 100% 80% 100%
Minor Restorative 75% 60% 85%
Major 10% 10% 15%
Maximum $500 $400 $800
Vision Eye Exam – $75 max, $110 for prescribed lenses and frames or contacts every 24 consecutive months. Eye Exam – $75 max, $100 for prescribed lenses and frames or contacts every 24 consecutive months. Eye Exam – $75 max, $50 for prescribed lenses and frames or contacts every 24 consecutive months.
$110 / 24 months $100 / 24 months $50 / 24 months
Paramedical Practitioners 80% / $300 max 80% / $300 max $20 visit / $300 max

Every full-time fee-paying Humber and Guelph Humber student is automatically covered by the flexible health insurance plan. Coverage terminates at the end of the policy year. The policy year runs from September-August.

If you drop out or leave for any reason, the coverage is automatically terminated.
Please Note: For students attending only one semester, coverage is for that semester. Fall semester runs September 1 to December 31. Winter semester runs from January 1 to April 30 and summer semester runs May 1 to August 31.


How to Make a drug/dental claim?

Present your Humber student identification card to a pharmacist or dentist located in Canada and payment of eligible claims will be covered. To fill a prescriptions drug or dental claim, you will need to supply the pharmacist/dentist with the following information:
Group Number: 514561
Provider: ClaimSecure (formerly RXPlus/Merz Health Corporation)
Your Student ID#Z________(10 digit alpha numeric number)
Ie. if your student ID # is 7 digits, the correct ID# would be z007654321
Ie. if your student ID # is 9 digits, the correct ID# would be z987654321

At this point you will be required to pay the deductible amount of your claim if necessary. Please note the dental office may charge more than the Fee Guide, which will require you to be responsible for any additional costs.

For Other Claims:

All other claims must be submitted on the Claim Submission Form available online or at the HSF offices.
Receipts and statements from doctors must be submitted upon request.

Special note to Placement and Internship Students

Placement students and part time students are not covered under the Health, Dental and Extended Plan.

This is because the full-time activity fee is not paid to the HSF. The fees you do pay relate to internship/placement administration costs and your tuition only. If you are interested in opting in to the insurance plan during your placement/internship semester/school term, please contact the HSF office for additional information.

Out of Country Provision if Traveling Abroad

The HSF Health, Dental and Extended Plan does not cover students traveling abroad, thus students traveling abroad should inquire about out of country entitlements prior to traveling abroad. Students are advised to consider buying travel insurance for added protection.

For full information and details on your coverage please consult the Student Insurance Plan Booklet.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Dental Plan, Flexible Health Insurance, Health Insurance, Insurance Plan,

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