In Service to the Silence & Music of the Heart

By: Hualani  09-12-2011

Everyone has within them the goodness and power to participate in our conscious evolution. It’s now time to stabilize a new culture of humanity – a collective community of embodied consciousness responding to a deeply profound creative impulse. When we commit to the love in every moment… we’re working together in an enlightening communication for a new way of life - way beyond the threshold of our personal desires… We’re changing the world from the inside out!

Hualani Janice Mark is here to serve YOU – inviting you to discover the way beyond scarcity and struggle by unleashing your inner potential and embodying your true capacity for love. Hualani assists and guides others in their own transformation and evolutionary growth. From the depths of consciousness, she helps people with whatever they require for their own creative emergence and fulfillment of humanity's purpose. Her services and embodiment programs are offered with an integrative approach to fertility and fulfillment - evolutionary practices that empower you from the inside out: facilitating your desired outcome with a fresh approach to life enrichment and well-being, as a catalyst for embodied abundance, radiant wisdom, and wholly positive direction for your future.

You can choose from a wide range of services and themed immersions, or step into the mystery and see what presents in the communion with Hualani. Come and be moved!

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