About Fly Fishing Shop: Creels

By: Fly Fishing  09-12-2011

Traditionally, a fishing creel was a basket used by anglers to store their catch in while fishing. Made of a variety of materials including wicker, canvass, leather and others, a creel would often be lined with moss and fish caught that were meant for the dinner table would be put inside while the angler continued to fish.

With the popularity of catch and release fishing, creels are rarely seen being carried by anglers today, but are often used as decorative pieces. However, for those who do enjoy keeping the odd fish for their own consumption, using a fishing creel is a very method of keeping fish fresh while walking and wading rivers.

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About Fly Fishing Shop: Custom Rod Building

You decide on the fishing rod blank you want, the type of handle (cork is best), the reel seat, and guides. There is almost nothing like hooking, fighting and then landing a fish on a rod you’ve built yourself. Building your own fishing rod can be a very rewarding experience.