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By: Delta Piping Products  09-12-2011
Keywords: Heat Tracing, Piping System, High Pressure Steam

ESCON-A ®/ FERRO-SHIELD®ESCON-A ®/ FERRO-SHIELD® is the original prefabricated, preinsulated piping system for the distribution of low to high pressure steam, high temperature hot water, and general fluid transportation systems.
GALVA-GARD™GALVA-GARD®, "The Ultimate Corrosion Fighter" is a prefabricated, preinsulated, fiberglass cladded galvanized steel conduit system for low to high pressure steam, HTHW and general fluid transportation.
Ultra-Therm™ULTRA-THERM® is the next generation of prefabricated, preinsulated piping system for low to high pressure steam, HTHW and general fluid transportation is a fiberglass cladded steel conduit system with no need for cathodic protection.
MID-TEMP HI-GARD®MID-TEMP HI-GARD®, is designed for distribution of fluids aboveground at temperatures of 250º F and higher. Based on customer specifications, this is a prefabricated system with all fittings attached to straight sections.
UtilidorUtilidor, is a rugged, prefabricated versatile tunnel for economically housing underground utility services. Utilidor can also be designed as a passage way between buildings.
TERRA-GARD™TERRA-GARD™, is an economical choice for a preinsulated, prefabricated pipe and fitting system. The system is designed based on your system layout. The system consist of a carrier pipe, foam injected insulation and an outer jacket.
ECONO-GARD™ECONO-GARD™ is a contractor friendly product, designed to be completed in the field. Straight sections of pipe are factory insulated and jacketed for delivery to the jobsite ready for field insulation and jacketing of joints and fittings.
CHIL-GARD®CHIL-GARD® is a cost effect factory preinsulated system for the underground chilled water and condenser water distribution. Gasketed bell joint construction accommodates pipe movement, eliminating expansion and contraction stresses wthin the system.
Quik-Therm™Quik-Therm is the right choice for a thermally efficient chilled water distribution system designed for fast and reliable installation. The preinsulated HDPE carrier pipe is inside an HDPE outer jacket and is 100% corrosion resistant.
DUAL-GARD 250®DUAL-GARD 250® is a cost effective factory preinsulated system for the distribution of chilled water and hot water and condensate up to 250ºF.The system is provided with a FRP pipe inside a PVC outer jacket.
DUAL-GARD DI®DUAL-GARD DI® is a cost effect factory preinsulated system for underground chilled water and low temperature hot water distribution. A ductile iron carrier pipe provides high corrosion resistance for underground applications.
PEX-GARD™PEX-GARD™ preinsulated pipe is designed for fast economical installation due to its long coil lengths and ability to be routed around obstructions. Bending PEX-Gard eliminates the need for costly and time consuming welded elbows.
Skin Effect Current TracingSkin Effect Current Heat Tracing is the most cost effective heat tracing design for long runs of pipe. The design can be furinished as a single end power feed or mid fed power feed design on preinsulated pipe or field insualted pipe applications.
COPPER-GARDCOPPER-GARD® is a completely factory-fabricated, preinsulated and jacketed copper piping system for hot and chilled water, condensate and domestic water distribution. It allows for quick installation of the underground distribution systems.
Stereo-Heat Impedence TracingStereo-Heat® Impedance Tracing is a direct current electric traced system across the ends of a steel or alloy pipeline section that provides even heat distribution on short to medium runs of preinsulated pipe.
Prefabricated ManholesPERMA-PIPE'S prefabricated steel manholes reduce installation and maintenance cost over traditional concrete manholes. They are fully assembled and tested with all internal pipe and valves as required.
Heat Tape Traced SystemsHeat Tape Traced Systems added to a preinsulated piping systems offers an economical and manitance free solution to any above or below grade fluid application that requires electric heat tracing.
ULTRA-FS®ULTRA-FS® is an advanced prefabricated, secondary containment piping system for chemicals, process waste, fuel systems and general fluid transportation is a fiberglass cladded steel conduit system with no need for cathodic protection.
ULTRA-NW®ULTRA-IW® is an advanced prefabricated, secondary containment piping system for hazardous chemicals, process waste and general fluid transportation. It is a fiberglass cladded stainless steel conduit system with no need for cathodic protection.
ULTRA-HT®ULTRA-HT® is an advanced preinsulated secondary containment piping system for general fluid transportation that requires an insulated steel containment. No need for cathodic protection.
DOUBLE-QUIK™DOUBLE-QUIK™ is a modular secondary containment piping system available in polypropylene and high density polyethylene. Designed for chemical lines, chemical waste lines and for groundwater extraction systems for "Superfund" sites.
Uniline Traced Piping SystemsUniline® Traced Piping System is a muti-pipe bundled system that utilizes the heat from steam, hot water or electric heat tracing to provide the required operating temperature to heat fuel oil or chemicals in an economical design.
PAL-AT®PAL-AT is a state of the art leak detection cable system that locates potential problems anywhere along the sensor string and alarms on contact.

LiquidWatch®LiquidWatch® is a system designed to monitor sensor probes in a wide variety of applications for water, hydrocarbons or chemicals in sumps around sensitive equipment, tanks and low points in secondary contained pipe systems.
FluidWatch®FluidWatch® is a system designed to monitor small areas for water or waterbased chemicals on floors and around sensitive equipment. Typical applications are for sub floors and around boilers and pumps.

Keywords: Fluid Transportation, Heat Tracing, High Pressure Steam, Piping System, Secondary Containment Piping, Steel Conduit System,

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