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By: Turbo-images  09-12-2011

Turbo Images Project guidance services: A team of dedicated professionals will guide you through each of your projects following a standard set of critical steps executed to expedite each of your orders with quality and consistency;

Turbo Images Graphic Design Services: Our design department is equipped with high-tech/modern software designed to offer a variety of services and fulfill any type of requests. Our team of professional designers and technicians understand the client’s needs and are in tune with the industry trend.

They will create a design that will allow your company’s image and identity to be well portrayed regardless of the type and color of vehicle. They are accessible and eager to offer advices on design creation based on your vision and goals!

We are proud to say that we’ve earned a solid reputation in the field of vehicle design and project development assistance!

Turbo Images Installation services: We offer a wide network of certified installers trained to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Our internal team of installation coordinators will update you on a daily basis on the evolution of your installs by providing a Daily Report. This report will ease your vehicle logistic greatly! We’re also proud to say that we’ve acquired a solid background in the logistic of multiple vehicle installations in various locations, such as:

Purolator 3 000 units across Canada
Canada post 3 000 units across Canada
Greyhound USA 2500 units across Canada
Bell Mobility 2 500 units across Ontario & Quebec, Canada

Turbo Images Removal services: Our installers are also certified graphic removers. From simple to complex removal projects, they are meticulous and will deliver professional results.

Exclusive after sales support services:

Turbo Images PSP program: Our *Part Simplicity Program is an innovative & personalized online graphics ordering
system. Using a simple interface designed specifically to your company’s image, you can navigate
through and see every vehicle in your fleet in every angle. Parts or kits can be ordered through a
simple process, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Installation is an available option.

Turbo Images Fleet Assessment program: Another exclusive of Turbo Images. Once you are a setup user of our
PSP program, a yearly evaluation of your fleet graphics will be performed at no cost to you and
reports will be presented showing the status of each unit and which ones require part replacements.

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fleet graphics, coach wrap, vehicle identification, truck, buses, trailer, Montreal, Toronto, Canada, USA » Products

Offers a multitude ofcolors and fade combinations; high gloss finish; smooth surface; no seams; no overlay; perfect colormatch; 5 year exclusive Turbo Images warranty.MarbleX concept: Replicates the look of Marble; high end concept designed for the coachindustry; 5 year exclusive Turbo Images warranty.