By: Sil Fos  09-12-2011
Keywords: Copper, Alloys, Flux


This group of alloys facilitates the joining of copper to copper without a flux and copper-based alloys (brass and bronze) with a flux. The family of products includes the original Sil-Fos 15. Developed and patented by Handy & Harman over 75 years ago, Sil-Fos is the workhorse filler metal used in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

These general-purpose, high silver alloys allow the joining of similar and dissimilar metals including copper, brass, steel, stainless, carbide, etc. We offer a variety of products that enable you select the optimal filler material for your metal-joining requirement. Many of these materials are available as bare wire as well as flux coated rods.

High strength, low temperature solders for use in a variety of low stress, low pressure applications. Several product options available include materials for potable water systems.

Low temperature tin/lead solders available with solid, rosin or acid cores.

Paste flux for general-purpose soldering applications.

Higher temperature, more aggressive flux for use when soldering steel, stainless steel, etc. Recommended for use with Tin/Silver solders.

When flux is required as part of the brazing operation, Handy Flux is generally recommended. It is an all-purpose flux for joining ferrous and non-ferrous metals and protects parts up to 1600 F.


For those brazing applications where flux is preferred on the outside of the brazing rod, we offer several coated general-purpose alloys including Braze 505.

Lucas-Milhaupt now offers a flux cored solder for aluminum. This all-in-on product will join both aluminum to aluminum as well as aluminum to copper. The flux is non-corrosive and does not need to be removed after soldering.


Keywords: Alloys, Brazing, Copper, Flux