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By: Homedvd  09-12-2011
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Superb 35mm film scanning services—high resolution digitizing—to 4000dpi, Digital ICE and Digital ROC image processing

It was easy and a pleasure. The quality of the end product exceeded my expectations. I will recommend to others.

Percy B.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
April 2010

Your personal collection of photo and 35mm film materials whether stored in carousels, cartridges, bags, paper sleeves, albums, cases or just sitting loose in the bottom of a box can now be digitized and recorded to long life DVD.

Scanning service highlights

  • 35mm slides, mounted or unmounted. Film strips, negatives or positives
  • Other film sizes we will scan for you: 126, 127, 110 and photos
  • Free Digital ICE, defect removal and Digital ROC, color correction
  • Free image density correction on every film frame
  • True high resolution optical scanning tools and equipment up to 4000dpi
  • Your images recorded to industrial grade DVD media
  • Optional: Archival Gold DVD storage media for long reliable storage
  • Free film cleaning prior to scan
  • Free image re-orientation: mirrored, landscape, portrait rotation
  • Free Adobe Photoshop touch-ups and fixes when necessary
  • Export to TIFF, Targa, etc. Default by JPEG.
  • Custom designed slideshows on DVD for your TV viewing enjoyment

Transferring your 35mm slides, 35mm film strips or photos to DVD is a great step forward in saving your family memories from disappearing forever.  Using true high resolution optical scanning devices like our Nikon Coolscan film scanners, ensure exceptional results in preserving any of the remaining image detail and to enable the true colors of your photographic materials to pop out. Whether as film negatives or positives, mounted or un-mounted, we will organize, then convert your 35mm film slides, 35mm film negatives, 35mm film strips, 126 film size, 127 film size, 110 film size or photos into a graphic file format of your choosing ready for recording to DVD or CD media.  Lightly compressed JPEG is used by default.  Ask us about other graphic file formats that will work for you (TIFF, RAW, TARGA etc.).

How much it costs

To transfer your 35mm slides to DVD or 35mm film strips to DVD as high quality JPEG files, we charge between $0.70 to $1.99 per film slide (or film strip frame), depending on the resolution required.  For photo transfer to DVD, your price is $0.99 per photo for any size up to 12 x 15 inches in size.  All slides and photos needing to have additional adjustments to bring out the best image possible will be brought into Adobe Photoshop for repair at no extra charge.  Below is a chart that will help you determine which resolution would best suit your needs:

Price per
$0.70/slide 1000 dpi Prints 3″ x 5″—Non archival quality, but great for DVD slideshows
$0.80/slide 2000 dpi Prints 6″ x 9″—Best compromise between quality and price
$1.25/slide 3000 dpi Prints 9.5″ x 14″—Excellent quality, superb prints
$1.99/slide 4000 dpi Prints 13″ x 19″—Archival quality scans
$0.99/photo 300 dpi Standard. Color corrected, for all photo sizes less than 12″ x 15″
$1.25/photo 600 dpi Excellent reproduction. Color corrected as standard

The per slide/photo charges described above include the price to burn your digitized JPEG images of your 35mm slides or photos onto as many DVD-R discs as necssary.

There is a minimum charge of $45.00 per job.

DVD Slideshows

Once your slides have been digitized, we can also produce a wonderful DVD slideshow from your JPEG images for as low as $39.95.  See “Slideshow” and other great options below for more details.

Important options

Archival Gold DVD Disks

add $7.00 / disc

Instead of using standard DVD-R discs, we can burn your project onto Archival Gold DVD-R discs. These discs are the latest in archival quality media and use 24 karat gold as the reflective layer, offering maximum resistance to chemical breakdown—one of the major causes of disc failure.

DVD Slideshow (Silent)

$39.95 per DVD

We will author a wonderful slideshow based on your converted slides or photos with subtle zoom and pan effects for that extra professional feel. A single DVD slideshow disc can hold approximately 1500 images scanned per disk using standard settings. The base price for a slideshow is $39.95 (no audio tracks) which includes the first 250 slides. Add $20 for the next 250 slides (and so on) to include in your slideshow. Pricing is done on a prorated basis for any partial 250 slide grouping.

DVD Slideshow (Music)

$49.95 per DVD

This option is nearly identical to the silent option above with the exception of added background music to make the slideshow a more lively experience.

Various audio tracks will play throughout the entire slideshow. There will be no synchronization or editing of the tracks to the slides. Each track will play to its end, followed by the next track until the slideshow ends. No commercial copyrighted material will be used or accepted. We select the tracks from our large collection of quality royalty-free music. The prorated pricing schedule for $20 per 250 slide grouping applies for this option.

Extra Copies

add $9.95 / disc

Each extra copy is fully packaged just like the one included with your order. If you would like to have the copies burned onto Archival Gold DVD-R discs, add another $7.00 per disc.

How long it takes

We schedule to complete film scanning jobs within 3 weeks upon receipt of order. For larger jobs, please allow more time. The actual delivery date can be narrowed down when we discuss your order details. For rush orders (7 days or less), expect a 25% surcharge on the value of the entire order.

What you get

JPEG’s Stored on DVD-R Data Discs

The per slide/photo charges described above include the price to burn the high-quality JPEG equivalents of your 35mm slides, film strips or photos onto as many DVD-R discs as necessary.  Typically recorded to Gold DVD-R media.

Correcting your 35mm Slides and Photos

Digital ICE—Defect Removal

Digital ICE works by building a record of defects in the image during scanning. Scanners normally work with three input channels – red, green, and blue. Our scanners, equipped with Digital ICE, add a fourth channel called the D channel (defect channel). During scanning information on defects, surface dirt, and scratches is collected. Digital ICE then applies a series of algorithms (formulas) to rebuild the missing information. The result is scans that are scratch free and dust free even if the original film has serious defects.

Digital ROC—Color Restoration

Digital ROC (Reconstruction of Color) reads the dye signature in the base layer of faded slides and negatives and rebuilds the original color values based on data that it gathers during scanning. The resulting image is true to the original. This process is far more accurate than post-scan software solutions that attempt to guess at the original colors and tones.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you’re happy with your photos that we capture in time for you—making sure that you don’t lose precious memories to the normal decay of analog media.

If you have problems with your DVD’s, we will make every attempt to resolve them. Simply send us your DVD’s with a note explaining the problem. If it has been determined that the problem originates with HomeDVD, we will do our utmost to resolve it at no charge to you (we’ll also pay for shipping in some cases).

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