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By: Make It Green  09-12-2011


For more than 20 years we have presented and promoted organic alternatives. We have partnered with many like-minded suppliers over the years and will continue to support these proven products (and the companies that make them). At the same time we are always searching for and trialing new products to offer (based on merit). In recent years our concerns about global warming have caused us to examine the impact of our product lines and sources on the planet. We have always prominently featured North American artisans in our giftware area.

Our criteria for selecting giftware (and other products) have shifted to put more emphasis on proximity to our location in Ottawa, Ontario to lessen our carbon footprint. Constant reminders of global warming are all around us. Gardening organically and planting trees are both ways we all can make the world a little better. Please consider planting for the planet regardless of where you shop!

Come in and check out our Clearance Aisle Sale. It includes composters, pond items, shovels, pots, Halloween decor, solar lights, windchimes, Precious Moments statuary etc.

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MAKE IT GREEN | Weed Control

We are keeping the price of this item affordable to try to entice as many people as possible to use a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic weed control products. Corn Gluten is a product which is best applied in early spring once the lawn can be safely walked on and late summer/early fall before the weather cools and the weeds germinate.


MIG | featured Plants

This Hydrangea is part of the Endless Summer collection which has been so incredibly successful over the past several years due to very careful selection of the plants in the series. Buying two of the sale evergreens would more than pay for your card and you can opt in for occasional special offers to make it even more worth your while.