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Services that AWS offers:


  • Spec Installation or Design/Build
  • Golf/Sportsfields/Commercial/Residential
  • Specialty

Central control/Green Roof/Rainwater Harvesting/Drip Irrigation/Dust suppression /Fertilizer injection/Mosquito control

  • Service and system troubleshooting
  • System Audits
  • Retrofits and recommendations for water conservation
  • Retrofits for system expansion
  • Pipe, conduit and wire pulling/plowing/trenching/boring
  • Backflow testing
  • Wire locating and Fault finding


Some of our larger customers include RIM, IBM, Halton Catholic School Board, of , and .

Central Control:

Networking an irrigation system with the weather only makes sense.  If we water less on days that are cool, we will save water.  Locally we have many cool nights, even in the summer, which reduce our need for irrigation.  The systems we install also recognize higher than normal or lower than normal flow through individual  valves, which helps us identify problems with the system same day, reducing landscape damage and water waste due to broken heads, pipes and valves.  A real person reviews the logs daily to ensure nothing is missed.


Installation Techniques:

With new equipment we are capable of jobs large and small.  Our 2 large vibratory plows can "pull" pipe up to 2" in diameter at 18" depth.  This eliminates settling that occurs with open trenching.  We can also direct bury wire, open trench 30" deep, and horizontal bore under driveways.   Our smaller plow is very manoeuvrable, and can fit through small gates for tricky backyards.


Technical Achievements:

Achievements in communication technology saw AWS doing things that even the manufacturers hadn't figured out, including internet communication and spread spectrum radio.  New developments include cellular modems and solar powered repeaters.   These advances, coupled with others including green roofs, drip irrigation, and rainwater harvesting proved to be substantial, as the government awarded AWS a substantial grant for Scientific Research & Experimental Development in 2006 and 2007.


GPS and Service tracking:

All of our trucks are GPS monitored, and all technicians are wirelessly networked back to head office with paperless job and service call reporting.  This provides the field staff with all of the information they require about the site they are on, from how to get there, to the serial number of the backflow device.  This ensures that service calls are performed in a timely fashion and without confusion, and ensures accuracy in billing. 



Some remarkable statistics:

In 2003 we estimated our savings to our customers at approximately $2500/acre in a season.  Considering we have averaged about 100 acres per season since 2002, we could say that we may have saved somewhere around 1.75 MILLION DOLLARS in water over the last 7 years.  Obviously this is an estimate, and some years require more water than others depending on dry vs wet summers, but we can all agree that the number is high.  At $1.40 per cubic meter, that's 1.25 million cubic meters, or 330 000 000 gallons, or 1 250 000 000 litres.  That's 1.25 BILLION litres!   About 500 olympic swimming pools, or roughly the consumption of the entire city of in a couple of days.  Remember, these are estimates only to show scale.

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