By: D Developments  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineering, Architecture, Renovation

Design Services

We offer support is any architectural and engineering design concepts. We are experienced in assisting clients and firms with CAD designs & drafting concepts. We service architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design concepts.

Interior Decorating Services

  The work of an interior decorator draws upon creating a functional, pleasing and defining space that articulates the design objectives of our clients. Our interior designers offer various design disciplines for spaces such as residential homes, corporate offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, private residences, shopping malls, and restaurants.

Construction Services

  In the fields of architecture and civil engineering, we are compatible to building  or assembling various structural projects. Our team consists of diverse tradesmen, design engineers, construction engineers, architects and project managers who are able to withstand any commercial, residential, and industrial constructions project.

Renovation Services

In our renovation processes we will restore, repair, and remodel any space. We provide a wide range of renovation services. We use only licensed trades people selected specifically for their skills, reliability and commitment to ensure safety on the job site and adherence to our high quality standards.

Project Management Services

This entails the planning, scheduling, estimating, and controlling of all renovation/construction tasks and activities involved in an effort to accomplish the objectives outlined in your contract. We work directly with all the necessary parties involved with the project. The best part about our management service is that you don’t have to deal with searching and pre screening of contractors, or having to hire an entire team of contractors.  You deal directly with our management staff and are well informed of all activities that are taking place. We work in the best interest of our client and seek to exceed their expectations and objectives. We find the most qualified and well trusted contractors to suit your needs and budget. We will manage your project from beginning to end. You will deal directly with your project manager at all times.

Consulting Services

This entails the provision of personal and professional advice, assistance and guidance in regards to your project. Our team of experienced professionals will answer any questions or concerns you may have on your project. We offer our one on one expert advice in all fields’ of renovation, design, construction, and development. At D Developments we understand the complex issues involved in any renovation, construction and design project. As a result we are here to service you with any questions, advice or guidance you may require.

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