Hanflo Poly-Pipe Fittings - poly

By: Hanflo  09-12-2011

HANFLO ™ Poly-Pipe Fittings provide a fast, easy, leak free connection to polyethylene pipe.

HANFLO™ Poly-Pipe Fittings and Valves have been used in New Zealand and Australia for over 25 years and have now been re-engineered to fit specified grades polyethylene pipe in the Canadian market.

The captive nut assembly requires nothing more than a wrench for complete and leak free engagement.

No screwdrivers, nut drivers, heating or awkward clamps required.

The fittings are constructed of non toxic glass fibre reinforced nylon, for both strength and durability. The product will not corrode or fail.

HANFLO™ poly-pipe connections are inexpensive, time saving products for rural plumbing and irrigation.

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Hanflo Coupling

Using a unique weighted base and stablilizers, the HAN-STAND is designed to support your foot valve 18" off bottom. The innovative HAN-STAND Foot Valve Stand is your hassle-free solution for a full-flow cottage water system. Wave action or an uneven lake floor won't prevent the HAN-STAND from "Keeping it Up".


Hanflo Valves

Where other valves can restrict inflow by more than 1/3, the HANFLO™ Foot Valve allows unobstructed, full flow to the pump enhancing pump performance. HANFLO™ Foot Valves are highly engineered to maintain prime in the suction line, while providing unrestricted inflow when the pump calls for water. The HANFLO™ Foot Valve does not restrict inflow and will allow the pump to work at its maximum performance based on pipe size and friction loss.