Sanitize Your Home and Food Naturally with The lotus Home Cleaning System

By: Lotus  09-12-2011
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lotus My Home Chemical-Free Cleaning System

  • A natural, chemical-free way to sanitize your home and to neutralize pesticides and bacteria on food.
  • The lotus® system's Oxyshield® technology infuses tap water with ozone — a natural sanitizer that is safe and harmless to healthy cells.
  • Ozone-activated water is widely accepted as a safe and effective way to decontaminate all kinds of foods — meats, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables.
  • Washing produce in ozonated water significantly reduces pesticide residues on the surface of produce. With the lotus system, expensive "organic" isn't the only way to enjoy food with less pesticides!
  • Ozonated lotus water quickly kills germs all kinds of surfaces — cutting boards, kitchen counters, stovetops, knives, sinks, toilets, garbage cans or diaper pails.
  • Excellent for neutralizing pet odors in carpets, dog beds, upholstery or car interiors.
  • Sanitize everyday items like sponges, dish cloths, small toys, pacifiers, nipples, can openers, kitchen gadgets and utensils — in cool tap water.

Chemicals in the Home

The National Environment Trust studied information provided by New Jersey and Massachusetts, two States that track toxic chemicals. They found that on average, for every pound of neurotoxins, carcinogens, or reproductive or developmental toxins that facilities reported as released to the air, water, or land, they shipped 42 pounds of the same chemicals as or in products that could be used in or around the home.

The last 10 years have seen an explosion of science exploring the links between toxic chemicals and human health. Various chronic diseases have increased in incidence during the last two decades, prompting some experts and policy makers to call for more comprehensive tracking of diseases and environmental exposures to toxic chemicals. The science tends to reinforce some major themes:

  1. Health effects are often seen at very low levels of exposure - several orders of magnitude lower than previously thought;
  2. Human exposure to many industrial chemicals is widespread; and
  3. Increased incidence of various chronic diseases may be linked to toxic exposures.

Children Most at Risk

In the first update in nearly 20 years, the Environmental Protection Agency stated in its "Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment" that children 2 years old and younger might be 10 times more vulnerable than adults to certain chemicals, and children between the ages of 2 and 16 might be three times more vulnerable. Some of the reasons provided were: Differences in the capacity to metabolize and clear chemicals, more frequent cell division during development can result in enhanced expression of mutations, some embryonic cells - such as brain cells - lack key DNA repair enzymes and some components of the immune system are not fully functional during development.

lotus to the Rescue!

Tersano engineers have developed a way to miniaturize the expensive ozone sanitization technology that progressive hospitals worldwide use to sterilize their surgical instruments. The lotus Sanitizing System offers you a way to clean your home without toxic cleaning chemicals by infusing water in the spray bottle attachment with super-oxygen to deliver an all-natural sanitizer 50% stronger than bleach. lotus comes with the base unit, spray bottle, all purpose sanitizing bowl and two microfiber cleaning cloths.

lotus can also infuse water with super-oxygen, in the all purpose sanitizing bowl also included with the system to reduce bacteria and pesitcides on foods.

lotus, Re-thinking the family home

lotus® My Home Cleaning System Frequently Asked Questions


How does the lotus® My Home Cleaning System work?

The system has two main purposes:

  1. To clean and sanitize surfaces.
  2. To remove pesticides and kill germs on food.

It does this using ordinary tap water. The lotus® patented Oxyshield® technology infuses cold tap water with an extra oxygen atom, creating a natural sanitizer. By passing air through 4,500 volts of electricity, the lotus® system splits oxygen molecules into atoms and forces this extra atom to combine and form super-oxygen. The third oxygen atom becomes the sanitizing agent, a natural oxidant -- which kills bacteria and viruses, and neutralizes pesticides.


How do I know it works?

Built in sensors monitor and guarantee that the Oxyshield® technology infusion process occurs in every cycle to safely create one of the most powerful, all-natural sanitizing agents in the world. The indicator on the unit will reach 100% once the water has been fully activated. An F1 Alert Code or Tap and Bowl symbol will occur if this is not fully activated. Current household cleaners use chemical or enzyme based solvents, we just do it naturally. Tested and proven by many of the top labs and universities across the country.

  1. How long does the lotus water stay charged in the Spray Bottle?
    In about two minutes the lotus water is ready to be used for up to 45 minutes to clean.
    EPA compliant as a sanitizer – able to kill up to 99.999% of common germs.
  2. Why does my Multi-purpose Bowl sometimes get anF1 Function Code?
    Maximum bacteria and pesticide reduction may be achieved within 4 minutes. It may take up to 8 minutes depending on the amount of contaminants on the produce. If we do not remove all the contaminants within eight minutes you may have to process the cycle more than once.
    The lotus brings out the natural flavor and taste as well as makes them last up to four times as long.


What type of water should I use with my lotus® Sanitizing system?

Please use


municipally treated water. Alternatively, you can use filtered or purified water.


What is the processing time of the lotus® My Home Cleaning System in each of the modes?

The lotus® Sanitizing system will process in the wavy lines selector mode (generally for use with the Spray Bottle Attachment only) for two minutes.

The lotus® My Home Cleaning System will process from approximately four minutes up to a maximum of eight minutes in the wavy lines/arrow selector mode (generally for use with the Multi-purpose Bowl Attachment, Toothbrush Attachment, Baby Bottle Attachment and the All Purpose Attachment).


What if my spray bottle is working but the bowl is not reaching 100%?

This can occur if you are processing items in the bowl, such as fruits and vegetables and the indicator display (F1 Alert code) shows that we have not removed all the contaminants from what you are processing. We recommend pre-washing the items prior to placing them in the bowl. Items such as lettuce may have debris, such as dirt and over time this settles in to the bottom of the bowl and may results in the sensor not working properly. It may be necessary to periodically wash and rinse your bowl in warm soapy water and scrub the bottom of your bowl inside an out.


I have tried bottled water and distilled water even using the spray bottle attachment and the lotus gives me a F1 Alert Code?

At this point if you have tried both types of cold water, using the spray bottle in the wavy lines mode for at least two cycles, then we recommend to contact the

for further assistance.


I emptied out the water from the center reservoir and the system does not work?

It is not recommended to drain the water from the base after use. This water has been sanitized and will be the first water to be sanitized on the next cycle. When you received the unit the center reservoir was empty, but after the first cycle the water circulates from the attachment into the base during processing and at the end of the first cycle the center reservoir will contain water. The water in the center reservoir is perfectly normal. Do not drain the water from the unit, simply insert the red cap received with the unit for storage.

  1. If you drained the water from the base and at the next start up and you are receiving an F4 code then please complete the following:
  2. Fill the spray bottle with water to the maximum fill line.
    Place the spray bottle on the base, press down firmly and select the wavy lines mode.
  3. Press the start button. You will notice the unit turning on and off, which is normal and indicates the unit is attempting to prime itself. Let the unit continue until you receive a function code.
  4. Repeat steps b. and c. if necessary, removing the spray bottle after each cycle and placing firmly back onto the unit (this assists by forcing the air out of the lines in the base).


What do I do if I want to change the attachment part way through a cycle?

If the process has already started and you want to change to a different attachment simply press the Start/Cancel/Reset button. This will display either an "F2", which is reset by pressing the Start/Cancel/Reset/ button or it will return to the initial blank screen , showing the mode. After the attachment has been changed, press your Attachment SELECTOR button to select the correct mode and press your Start/Cancel/Reset button again to restart the process from the beginning.


How often should the lotus® filter cartridge be replaced ®Cleaning System?

The lotus® My Home Cleaning System filter cartridge should be replaced every three months or when the window on the filer turns dark green.


How do I know when to change the lotus® filter cartridge?

The lotus® filter cartridge indicator will change to dark green when it is ready to be replaced.


How do I care for my lotus® Sanitizing System?

Your lotus® My Home Cleaning System is self-cleaning and as such caring for your new system has never been easier. As your attachments cleanse them selves every time you generate Oxyshield® super oxygenated water; you never have to clean them. However, if you wish to give any attachments an additional clean, feel free to do so by placing them on the top drawer of your dishwasher or use mild soap and luke warm water to wash and then rinse thoroughly. - Always unplug your lotus® My Home Cleaning System prior to cleaning. - Only a damp cloth should be used to wipe down your unit. - Never immerse your lotus® My Home Cleaning System in water or any other liquid for cleaning. - Never use abrasives, detergents or strong cleaning agents.


When the processing is completed the display shows "15 Min" or "2 Min". What does this mean?

The spray bottle contains Oxyshield® enriched water, which can be used for 15 minutes. Once the 15-minute period is over the water in the spray bottle has reverted back to normal tap water. The spray bottle should be re-filled and processing cycle started again. The display will show "2 Min" when using the Multi-purpose bowl mode. The maximum bacteria and toxin reduction is achieved when your fruits and vegetables are left in the unit for the additional "2 Min" (applicable to the knife/toothbrush attachment and baby bottle attachment as well).


Can I use the lotus® My Home Cleaning System on voltage other than 120V 60mhz?

The lotus® My Home Cleaning System is designed for use in North America and may only be used on 120v 60mhz ratings. The unit will not function with 220V, or on 50Hz.


Can I use the lotus® My Home Cleaning System with a power converter?

The lotus® My Home Cleaning System is not designed to work with a power converter for overseas use. The system is designed for 120V60mhz only. Please look for our unit in the future through the European market.


How much power does the lotus® My Home Cleaning System use when processing?

The power consumption per one cycle of the lotus® My Home Cleaning System is 30 watts. The estimated cost per cycle is 1/50th of a cent (Note: based upon 30 watts of power consumption for 250 seconds per cycle and .10 cents per kWh for electricity).


What are the amps of the lotus® Sanitizing System?

The amps of the lotus® My Home Cleaning System are 0.80.


What is the purpose of the lotus® filter cartridge?

The lotus® filter cartridge conditions the air to increase the sanitizing power.


Does the lotus® My Home Cleaning System shut down once the indicator turns green?

The lotus® My Home Cleaning System does not shut down once the indicator turns dark green, however the effectiveness of producing super oxygen is reduced and therefore the sanitizing force of the lotus is reduced. It is important to change the filter cartridge on the lotus® My Home Cleaning System to maintain peak performance.


How do I reset the lotus® filter cartridge?

Press and hold the Attachment Selector Button for approximately 3 seconds. The unit will beep and the Replace Filter Indicator light will extinguish. The unit is ready for use.


I want to process my meat, fish or poultry, how do I do this?

Please use the Multi-purpose bowl attachment and lid and fill to the max fill line with plain cold water. Place the Bowl Attachment on the lotus® Sanitizing System, select the proper mode and process the plain water. Once the system has reach "100%", remove the attachment, and in a separate bowl place your meat, fish or poultry and add the lotus water. The meat, poultry and fish should remain in the water for the "2 minute" period displayed on the display. Once the display reads "end", drain the water from the meat and begin preparation.


I received lotus® Cleaning Cloths in the box, how do I wash this product?

The lotus® Cleaning Cloths may be washed and reused up to 300 times. The lotus® cleaning cloths may be washed at a water temperature, which does not exceed 95°F, on a regular cycle separately or with no lint items. It is important to wash frequently. The lotus® cleaning cloths may be dried on a tumble dry cycle at any heat. Do not iron or bleach.

"I am very happy with the lotus Sanitizing System. It's hard to believe it actually works with just water. We have saved the cost of the usual household chemicals. I feel much more confident with having two kids running around, also knowing that it is just water they are touching and not some chemicals in a can which could cause who-knows-what."
J.G., Canada

"Another person from our office has a positive testimonial on your lotus Sanitizing System. They were able to take out stains in a carpet that was there for several years. They had previously tried to get the stain out by professional cleaners and it didn't work. Your lotus water did the trick."

B.D., Canada

"I am writing to you regarding the lotus Sanitizing System. I have had it in my home for a few months now and I absolutely love it! I can't believe how great it works using only water! First of all, I had some stains (red paint on a beige carpet and grease stains on my white stove top) that I thought I would never be able to remove, especially after using many other products. I used the lotus spray bottle and the stains came out perfectly with just a little elbow grease! I also use this product everyday to sanitize things like countertops, appliances, my son's highchair and bathrooms. I use it to take away odors by spraying into diaper pails and the areas where my dogs sleep, and also in other rooms just to give them a fresh clean smell. I use the lotus bowl every time I come home from the grocery store to clean all of my fruits and veggies. I find my fruits and veggies last longer too. Having two young sons at home I find this product is wonderful because I don't have to worry about them breathing in harmful chemicals. It works great on their toys. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is contemplating buying it. You won't be disappointed!"

S.C., Canada

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lotus Home Cleaning System with Chemical-free Natural Way To Sanitize Your Home and Food

I use it to take away odors by spraying into diaper pails and the areas where my dogs sleep, and also in other rooms just to give them a fresh clean smell. First of all, I had some stains that I thought I would never be able to remove, especially after using many other products. I use the lotus bowl every time I come home from the grocery store to clean all of my fruits and veggies.


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lotus Home Cleaning System The Natural Chemical-free Way To Sanitize Your Home and Food

First of all, I had some stains (red paint on a beige carpet and grease stains on my white stove top) that I thought I would never be able to remove, especially after using many other products. I use it to take away odors by spraying into diaper pails and the areas where my dogs sleep, and also in other rooms just to give them a fresh clean smell.


Boost The Sanitizing Power of The lotus Home Cleaning System With The lotus Filter Cartridge

The lotus® Filter Cartridge boosts the cleaning power of the lotus® Home Cleaning System by removing excess moisture and increasing the sanitizing power. Replace them every three months, or depending on the humidity of your climate, when the indicator on the back turns from orange to green.