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NEW ITEM IN GIFT SHOP: Faithfully Your’s Exhibit T-shirts $15.00 and Tote Bags $10.00 Faithfully Your’s Catalogues $29.95.    White or Black t-shirts with E. Pauline Johnson image on side.  Tote bags feature E. Pauline Johnson  image in the centre.

The Chiefswood Museum Gift Shop is open during museum hours.  At the gift shop visitors can purchase books, postcards and collector's plates.  The Gift Shop is located in the main office.  If you have any questions regarding items in the gift shop please feel free to contact the office by phone, fax, or email.
 This is a brief list of some of the items available at the Chiefswood Museum Gift Shop. Visit us for a wider selection of items available in-store.



''Flint and Feather', (1997)
E.Pauline Johnson – Tekahionwake


'Buckskin and Broadcloth', (1997)
Biography of E. Pauline Johnson
Sheila Johnston, Raymond Skye


'Paddling Her Own Canoe' Vol. I, (2000)


'E. Pauline Johnson - Tekahionwake
Collected Poems and Selected Prose' (2002)
Gerson & Strong-Boag


'Flint and Feather The Life and Times of E.
Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake' (2002)
Charlotte Gray (Hardcover)


The Last Raven and Other Stories', (1994)
Richard Green


'The Writing Experience, an Iroquoian Guide
to Written Storytelling', (2000)
Richard Green


'Sing Like a Hermit Thrush', (1995)
Richard Green


One Dead Indian (Ipperwash)


Home or Native Land?


Catch The Whisper of The Wind - Audio


Skyscrapers Hide The Heavens


Speech Writing


Legacy of Shingwaukonse


Indians in Prison


Song of Rita Joe


That The People Might Live


A Sarcee Grammar


Shamans & Kushtakas


Unjust Relations


A Nation Within A Nation


Reading the Fire


Toronto at Dreamer's Rock


Subarctic Fur Trade


Hudson Bay Watershed (out of print)


Splitting The Heart, Janet Marie Rogers


Miscellaneous Items

Art Cards
Raymond Skye

Chiefswood Museum Pens



E.Pauline Johnson Limited Edition Plate


Chiefswood Museum Post Cards


Assorted Posters:

1. E. Pauline Johnson, (R.G. Miller)


2. E. Pauline Johnson, (Bill Powless)


3. Buffy St. Marie, (Bill Powless)


Onkwawennahson'a ~ "Our Voices" C.D
Six Nations Writers C.D.


Chiefswood CD~Rom


How the Oceans Became Salty

Aaron Bell Ojibway Storyteller Sharing the Cree Story…

Janet Rogers, Firewater, Spoken Word CD





Large glossy


Large designed


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