AWESOME Knock Out T Shirt Transfer Papers

AWESOME Knock Out T Shirt Transfer Papers from

By:  05-01-2011
Keywords: Heat Transfers, Transfer Paper, Iron On Transfers

There is NO polymer outside of the toner deposit areas – none! NO polymer window or box.,

  1. There is NO polymer inside words such as: ‘AWESOME’, ‘T Shirt Transfer Papers’ nor between the outer rings.
  2. The gradient fill and yellow fill are strong, bold and vibrant in color.

Without a polymer box, production time of AWESOME `10 Second` eliminates approximately 2 minutes per transfer in scissor cutting time.

And, AWESOME `10 Second` generally require 50% less time in the heat press of existing self-weeding laser transfers.

Keywords: Heat Transfers, Iron On Transfers, Knock Out Transfers - ZERO Borders, Transfer Paper,



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