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By: Totally Fit  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fitness , Fitness Facility

We provide:

  • Corporate fitness centre design
  • Corporate fitness programs
  • Complete nutritional programs
  • Fitness/body composition analysis
  • Personalized fitness programs-weight loss, rehabilitation, and sports specific
  • Aerobic/Cardiovascular classes
  • Group Presentations
  • On-line fitness training

Corporate fitness center design: We will work with you or your company to design a fitness facility that will meet the needs of those who will use that facility. From sourcing the proper equipment for your facility, helping you choose the equipment, to arranging the setup and proper positioning of each piece.

Corporate fitness programs: We will customize a workout program for each individual using the facility; based on a fitness assessment, and a clear discussion of each persons needs.

Complete nutritional programs: Whether your goals are fat loss or weight gain. We will discuss your current dietary habits, and redefine your goals in order to adjust your nutritional requirements to achieve your results. This may involve some supplementation.

Fitness/body composition analysis: A privately conducted consultation with you and a certified fitness appraiser. The appraisal will consist of a series of simple measurements which give an estimate of your overall physical fitness. The tests assess your cardio-respiratory fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition (% of body fat).

Personalized fitness programs: We will design a practical action plan based on the results of your fitness assessment that matches your personal activity preferences, your schedule, and equipment availability. Whether your goals are weight or fat loss, rehabilitation, or sports specific training we will help you achieve your goals.

Aerobic Classes: Our certified instructors will provide various classes, to meet the needs of everyone. From 'Tae-bo, Pilates, yoga, strength training, step, and/or high impact classes.

Group presentations: We will provide, informational seminars, motivational speaking, and team building/group outings.

On-line Fitness training: If we can't come to you, you can come to us, via the internet. Complete program design and consultation to help you achieve your goals.

Keywords: Fitness , Fitness Facility