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Keywords: Sitting Meditations

These CDs contain guided meditations in the insight/mindfulness tradition.

For beginning students of mindfulness, and for those more advanced practitioners, whose commitment to practice is temporarily in doubt, the simple act of taking this CD off the shelf, inserting it into a CD player and following its instructions, can lift the heavy burden of thinking that you have to start something special or difficult. Without 'having to feel like' practicing, just 'doing the CD' can (re)open the way to non-judgmental, moment-to-moment awareness.

Working with the CD can help us feel that we are not alone on this journey. Through its detailed instructions the CD releases us from worrying about whether we are doing it right, whether the pace of the meditation is appropriate or what the next step is. Practice non-doing by allowing this CD to guide you. Without regular practice, mindfulness cannot grow.

As in all self-discovery disciplines, the intense relationship with an experienced guide is essential. Without it, it is too easy to be blinded by convictions or beliefs, and miss out on those deep encounters with the unconscious that reveal life's hidden landscape. These CDs cannot serve as substitute for a therapeutic or educational relationship.

Refer to Dr. Treyvaud's programs for details on the method of mindfulness practice that can address your particular individual needs.


  • CD 1: The Body-Scan, 50minutes
  • CD 2: Sitting/Walking Meditation, 50 minutes


Sitting Meditations:

  • CD 3: Mindfulness of Breath & Body, 50 minutes
  • CD 4: Mindfulness of Sounds, Thoughts & Choiceless Awareness, 50 minutes


Sitting Meditations:

  • CD 5: Allowing & Letting Be, 50 minutes
  • CD 6: Thoughts Are Not Facts, 50 minutes

‘The test
of the imagination's truth 
is in experience.’ 
(Northrop Frye)

Keywords: Sitting Meditations

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