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ADHD Coaching Services

Our ADHD Coaching service is a close professional partnership between the coach and the client that extends over a period of time. The client may be directly or indirectly impacted by ADHD and wants to grow either personally or professionally. Sue is a trained coach with specific expertise in ADHD. Generally, Sue works one-on-one with a client, but there are times when a group of people will work together toward a common goal.

ADHD Consultation Services

Our ADHD Consultation services include solutions for specific issues or education for other professionals. The consultant will provide an analysis of the problem and some recommendations that address and improve the situation. We will work with an individual or with a group or organization.

Our consultation services include:

  • Specialized ADHD consulting for individuals, parents, couples and families
  • Consultations to healthcare and education professionals
  • Specialized ADHD workplace workshops for organizations
  • Speaking engagements



The coach will ask the right questions so that the client can arrive at the results via strategies that are personally best for them.

The consultant provides a solution for the client, such as exactly which strategies to use to get best results

Coaching focuses on learning through action while using the process of self-discovery to fulfill certain goals.

Consulting focuses on problem solving, strategies, action plans, and accomplishing very specific goals.

The coach guides the client in a journey of self-discovery through the use of the right questions.

The ADHD consultant is the expert on ADHD and brings this knowledge and expertise to the situation that makes the difference in the client’s failure or success.

Coaches focus on the client’s biggest dreams and goals, making them come true.

Consultants solve the client’s present day problems by providing teaching to develop knowledge and expertise.

Coaches very seldom, if ever, ask the client "why".

Consultants sometimes ask the client the question "why".

Coaching focuses on the client’s entire life.

Consulting generally focuses on the specific question or problem at hand.

Coaches do none of the work, instead letting the client focus and take on all the action.

Consultants may take care of specific work for the client or provide a part of the solution.

Coaching, although very professional, is much more creative and often has a spirit of adventure.

Consulting is usually businesslike and professional.

Keywords: Adhd, ADHD Coaching, Coaching, Consultation Services

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An effort will therefore be made to book all appointments in advance to make it easier for the client to record them and to remember when they occur. MISSED APPOINTMENTS: Clients who miss appointments without a minimum of 24 hours notice will be charged for the regular appointment time. Some third party insurance plans may cover a portion of fees, please check with your insurance provider for more information.


The Coaching Approach

Sue is a certified ADHD coaching professional who uses a confidential, non-judgmental style that both supports you, and holds you accountable for the outcomes you are working toward. Sue will help you develop a plan to achieve your full potential by listening deeply, bringing clarity to your challenges, and helping you identify your passions and goals.


Consultation Services

Adults with ADD behaviours find it helpful to learn more about the disorder and understand how their own particular symptoms may have prevented them from realizing their potential at different stages of life. You may not be ready for coaching, but if you need assistance finding information and resources about your ADHD, a two hour consultation can save you time and money.


Coaching Services

By now you have demonstrated your interest and commitment to improving your life, so it is important that it is easy for your to continue your efforts and have the support and guidance you need. For those clients who are very serious about making life changes, we offer a package of 25 or more sessions at a significant savings to you.