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Step One: Initial consultation to meet, to review the process and the issues:$150/hour plus tax

Second Step: Coaching Intake Assessment (takes approximately 2 hours): $270 plus tax

Third Step: Coaching Packages - choose one that suits you best

Option 1: 15-Session Coaching Package: $2,025 plus tax ($135/hr)

Option 2:  9-Session Coaching Package: $1,260 plus tax ($140/hour)

Option 1: 25-Session Graduate Coaching Package: $3,125 plus tax ($120/hour)

Option 2: 9-Session GraduateCoaching Package: $1,125 plus tax ($125/hour)

Option 3: Session by session: $140/hour plus tax


Hourly and daily rates: A minimum of 2 hours is billed for off-site consultations.


1 consultant: $175* plus expenses

2 consultants: $350* plus expenses

Daily (8 hours)

1 consultant: $875* plus expenses

2 consultants: $1650* plus expenses


* Fees do not include taxes, taxes are added when invoiced. Some third party insurance plans may cover a portion of fees, please check with your insurance provider for more information. 

FEE POLICY: Fees must be received in advance of the coaching session.

MISSED APPOINTMENTS: Clients who miss appointments without a minimum of 24 hours notice will be charged for the regular appointment time.

CHANGING APPOINTMENT DATES/TIMES: Frequent changes of appointment date/times happen regularly with the client who has ADD/ADHD. This is an undesirable behaviour. If left unchecked, it can create a negative perception of the client's capacity to be accountable when planning and scheduling appointments and activities. It also interferes with smooth progress toward their goals.

An effort will therefore be made to book all appointments in advance to make it easier for the client to record them and to remember when they occur. They will know what is expected of them and when, and will be able to schedule around them.It is the client's responsibility to make this work. I guarantee it will serve you well in your day to day life.

Accountability is paramount in becoming successful in life. It is also time-consuming to continually re-schedule appointments. Therefore, a service fee of $50.00 may be applied to re-scheduled bookings.

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Keywords: Coaching Package

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