By: Surviscor  09-12-2011

Customer efficiency is the cornerstone of internet effectiveness for consumers. Many companies spend millions of dollars trying to perfect the user’s online experience to ensure users receive a high level of online satisfaction. Other companies depend on the features and functionalities of their online offerings to maximize customer efficiency.


  • CER rating established for each company surveyed on a monthly basis;
  • Average standards are established within each grouping of companies to aid in the determination of the CER;
  • Online Access to Individual Records (via scorView™).

CER Year-In-Review Report

Report Features:

  • Company Category Results and Ranking;
  • Company Sub-Category Results and Ranking;
  • Top Performing Company by Category and Sub-Category;
  • Analysis of Company Strengths;
  • Analysis of Company Opportunities;
  • Insight Into Industry Best Practice Information.

Report Benefits:

  • Improve Non-Customer Service Offering Through Competitive Benchmarking;

Who Needs To Know:

  • Call centre management;
  • Marketing – how are prospective clients being handled?;
  • Business leaders – Likely the same experience internally with real clients;

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Surviscor [ SERVICES

Surviscor’s main mandate is to increase the performance of Canadian online products and services through a common voice of consumers and providers. Surviscor’s vast amount of data and industry knowledge provides companies with a necessary ‘one-stop’ business analyst source.


Surviscor [ SERVICES >> CUSTOM scorCards

Companies can use Surviscor to produce interim scorCards to help validate new design and features planned prior to actually launching the enhancements.Some of the features and potential customized consulting work are. The beauty of the methodology is that companies can perform custom scorCard studies to aid internal development and design plans no matter what the industry or internal requirements.


Surviscor [ SERVICES >> scorCard™ REPORTS

The audit provides a detailed report of a company’s latest results along with related strengths, opportunities and insight into industry best practices. The scorCard Company Audit is a comprehensive category and sub-category review based upon the most recent market review. The report provides an extensive competitive evaluation and analysis of a specified category versus defined competitors.



Surviscor, through potential partnerships, plan to offer the following two forms of ongoing research to aid companies in defining the profile of the Canadian online public and the types of products and services they require and expect when using online offerings. The goal is to perform annual user research by either surveying Canadian online users independently or by syndicated research efforts through the various online service firms.


Surviscor [ SERVICES >> scorView

Firms have the ability to effectively utilize internal resources by allowing Surviscor to perform all required external industry and peer research at a small portion of the cost of full time employees and/or specialized departments. The service allows for superior competitive comparisons through charts, graphs, scores, rankings and various key scorCard™ criteria enabling the firm to fully analyse its online offering versus competitive offerings.



SQL Server 2005 provides the latest in relational database design and hosting. Provide strategic recommendations based on industry findings.



Each company is offered an opportunity to provide the online customer with a more detailed, one page summary of the company’s value proposition, known as a Premium Page. The Premium Page can serve as a prospecting tool to capture the attention of prospective customers through direct links to its offering.