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SportsCarLocate is primarily focused on locating the finest quality vehicles for our Clients across North America. But we know that once we have found our Clients the car of their dreams they may want some help in arranging inspections to confirm condition and ultimately getting the car to their home.

Locate Services

  • We offer North American wide vehicle location services that allow our clients to 'Buy The Best' for less. Our Locate Fees are significantly lower than any other location services providers and less that half of the fees charged to buyers by auctioneers.

  • Fees: Fees are based on a percentage of Final Purchase Price of the Vehicle (taxes excluded) with a minimum Locate Fee of $950.00

  • Most importantly our Location Fees are all inclusive - Locate Clients receive:

    • first class service from beginning to end, along with our 'no pressure to buy' promise.

    • access to the finest quality previously loved cars that meet your individual specifications from the world' s largest marketplace 'North America'. Uniquely our clients get to cherry pick their car from the best available from anywhere in N.A. on offer from anyone; Dealer or Private Party.

    • full control over which car they purchase and clients are always free to decline any car we source.

    • our assurance that their car is 'as described' by the vendor before they buy, as we arrange on our clients behalf, Professional Inspection of their chosen vehicle by a local independent Marque Expert. (Additional Professional Inspection Fees range from $110.00 and up)

    • protection from fraudulent sellers to ensure that their funds are secure and their car gets delivered.

    • shipment support to get their car home from anywhere, or if clients prefer they can fly in and drive home.

    • importation support, to simplify the whole Canadian importation process and ensure importation and certification requirements are met in a timely manner at minimal cost.

    • access to our team who do the heavy lifting so that our clients get to drive a stunning Sports or Exotic car at a price that is guaranteed to be far less than a local buy.

    • our No Purchase No Fee Guarantee - you only pay our fees if you buy a car we have introduced you too.

    • a great Sports or Exotic car, in the right condition, at the lowest available price.

Inspection Services Partners

  • Through our partner companies we are able to offer professional on site inspections across North America. We will also work to locate a local area Marque Specialist to complete an in-depth inspections¬† when requested.

  • Fees: Fees range from $110.00 and up dependent on the vehicle to be inspected, the nature of the inspection and the proximity to the inspectors base of operations. An inclusive quote will be obtained prior to the client's confirmation of their service request.

Transportation Services Partners

  • Through our partner companies we offer a full range of transportation service options which cover North America

  • Fees: Fees are dependent on the type of vehicle being transported, the nature of the selected mode of transport, pickup and drop off variances, distance and country. An inclusive quote will be obtained prior to the client's confirmation of their service request.

Special Importation Services Partners

  • We directly support buyers throughout the importation process and this support is included in our locate fees. Some makes and models may require modifications or manufacture's inspections post importation and through our partner companies we offer a full range of importation service options which cover cross border importation of vehicles between Canada and the U.S.

  • Fees: An inclusive quote will be obtained prior to the client's confirmation of their service request.


Note: Clients are always free to make their own arrangements for self inspection, transportation or importation or obtain such services directly without SportsCarLocate`s assistance.

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Keywords: Car , vehicle