CAD Design

By: Proxwell  09-12-2011

Electrical CAD Design Software

Software packages increase efficiency and reduce errors, enabling your projects to stay ontime and budget. We consider all processes in the delivery of our services to you. The design office is where we know costs and control begins.

Accuracy and details established in the design stage considerably reduce costs durring the build and installation stages. AutoCad Electrical is our standard CAD package.

Other products and services from Proxwell


Motion Controls

Implementing the latest technology we work closely with the equipment manufacturers working out glitches in new product offerings. Process speeds and accuracy are dramatically increased improving efficiency and capacity. Mechanical gearing may be eliminated reducing machine wear and power consumption. We have designed and installed systems for many machinebuilders. Motion Controls Eliminate Mechanical Gearing.


Panel Building

We build panels to react quickly and efficiently to design changes due to component shortages or scope changes. Proxwell supports mechanical and engineering firms by supplying custom drive panels for pumps. The HVAC industry is booming because of the strive for energy efficient buildings. Control panels are designed and manufactured in-house at Proxwell.


System Design

Continuous measerment and correction is a necessity and easily accomplished with current technology. Some machine controls do work better than others and experience is commonly the determining factor. The required rate of measerments and accuracy of correction is dependant on the process. Over the last 22 years we have seen many applications in a wide variety of industries.