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By: Poss Separators  09-12-2011


POSS has recently made a new commitment to customer service. One part of this commitment is increased visibility to our customers. Poss feels that it is important to see our customers several times per year. While visiting your plant we shall offer technical advice, help align and evaluate parts, re-train and inform you of any upgrades or applications that could help your business.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us to find out when your representative will be in your area. Reworks shall be expedited to decrease turnaround time. Our customers have told us rapid turnaround of parts reworks are imperative to keep up with production. We understand this need so we have committed to return parts faster and still maintain the usual high standards of rework and repair that Poss has always adhered to.

Poss has also committed to using the latest technology to aid in communication and service to its customer base. The digital world allows for a rapid response when and urgent situation arises. Poss will fully utilize all of the latest technological options available however, POSS shall NEVER replace personal, face to face visits with the use of technology.

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Poss Design Limited- Mechanical Separators

POSS System's unique patented head designs keep the separation temperature rise to extremely low levels, thereby discouraging microbiological growth and eliminating the possibility of denaturing the protein, thus maintaining the functional properties of the meat.



Designed to withstand the harsh demands of the industry yet capable of producing anendproduct of the highest quality over prolonged running periods Recovers maximum obtainable yields from your grinder residue or bony trim. Poss Systems’ unique patented head design keep the separation temperature rise to extremely low levels, minimizing microbiogical growth, while maintaining the functional properties of meat.