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By: Mysafework  09-12-2011

Big news item in my country this week: When to lower the flag to half-mast on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Should it be only on Remembrance Day (as it is now) or


I respect the men and women who help keep the peace in strife-torn regions around the world; they are amazing people, and they risk their lives doing their job. But if the government cannot decide on this, I've got an alternative idea..

Let's lower the flag to half-mast every time any Canadian dies on the job.

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Employers |

Apparently, I am not the only one horrified by the prospect of companies cutting corners in safety processes, safety training, safety equipment in their workplace in the hopes of staying in business. Which, to my horror, reported on how some companies are cutting safety processes hoping to reduce costs during these recessionary times.


Accidents |

The DeVries Family had a mom who had a very serious heart condition and a father who had lost his arm in a farm accident. Sunday evening is usually a time where I relax and get ready organized for the next work week that lies ahead. So as I was cleaning up my kitchen and writing my weekly “to do” list I had my TV on in the background. The accident left him unable to do many of the huge projects that needed to be done around the house.


Educators |

I lost my own teenage son, to different circumstances (workplace accident) but what he and Jeffrey had in common was they went off those fateful days to environments they assumed were safe. Today marks exactly one year since a 15-year-old boy, Jeffrey Manners, was gunned down during school hours in a hallway at C.W. Jeffreys High School in Toronto, Ontario.


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There are even more adorable toddler-with-tools shots there - and no doubt the same kind of studio shots at competitive online photo services. Sometimes I buy stock photos online and I just came across this image of a barehanded baby using a hack saw. This image of a wee boy and his saw did sell; I bought it to put it up here!.